Review: Lorraine Gantt - Own Your Age Workout


A Review of Lorraine Gantt - Own Your Age workout DVD geared towards older adults.

Hello again! I am finally back on the blog and have a backlog of reviews to get through, so look forward to a lot of new content and great products. I am excited to share them with you!

Own Your Age

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The first is the Own Your Age workout DVD from Lorraine Gantt, a 64 year old registered nurse and NASM certified personal trainer. I was lucky enough to be able to interview Gantt, and her story is truly inspiring!

Between her job as a home care nurse and driving her family around, Gantt was living in her car and eating the inevitable fast food and junk food. One day she really looked at herself and knew she needed a change. She was tired, overweight, and looking at heart disease. She was only in her 50s.

Making A Change

She started going to the gym, paying attention to what she ate, and made it a priority to change jobs to a more active scenario. She lost weight and became much healthier. So much so that she decided to help others.


As a certified personal trainer, Gantt specializes in working with adults over 40. For her, Own Your Age is a total approach to life, and she wants everyone to know that they can feel better, look better, and live better with just a little bit of exercise and a good diet.

As you know, I specialize in working with de-conditioned adults in pain, so Gantt and I share a demographic. And while I am usually disappointed in most DVD workouts, I was pleasantly surprised by the Own Your Age workout!

The Workouts

The disc contains 7 workouts. Each workout includes dynamic stretching, core work, balance work, and strength training, with a warm up and cool down. The exercises are simple and easy to learn, but are also challenging, especially the balance and agility work. Gantt is very patient, encouraging viewers to go at their own pace. She focuses on function first, with toning and appearance second.

For example, here is her explanation of why chest and back work is important:

The muscles of the chest & back balance each other – when contracts the other stretches.Tight chest muscles and weak back muscles cause you to slouch and can cause undue pressure on your spine. You can correct your posture and avoid having a “hunched back”. Improves posture, strength and balance.

Basically, Gantt want us all to know that we can get stronger and function better at any age, and I know that to be true. She did it, her clients have done it, and so have mine.

Age is no excuse. Age is not a limit. Listen to Lorraine Gantt and Own Your Age!