Review: Paleo Workouts for Dummies


Paleo Workouts for Dummies by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and Patrick Flynn is a clear and easy to follow guide to functional fitness.

  Follow my blog with Bloglovin I am a huge fan of body weight exercises, Kettlebell Training, and TRX® Suspension Training (my three specialties outside of Pilates). It turns out that all of my favorites are included under the umbrella of Paleo Workouts For Dummies.

I am also very picky about home exercise books, since most do not instruct well. People need to see perfect form and read step-by-step instructions for each exercise, especially complex ones like the Turkish Get Up (TGU). Pat Flynn does a stellar job in explaining each movement and how to do it correctly. He focuses on correct form for proper function, and has something to offer even veteran exercisers and trainers.

Paleo Workouts For Dummies also includes a discussion of paleo nutrition, which basically eschews anything processed and most grains. Of course, the authors recommend processed supplements. They base this on the dubious claims that if paleo people had supplements, they would have used them and that since our current foods aren't as nutritious as they used to be, we need to supplement. Hmmm.

Now, I generally do not recommend diets that call for eliminating foods, especially the grains that most of us grew up with. We tend to rebound by eating way too much of the forbidden foods. But know that eating paleo will lead you to lose weight. The problem is, you may very well gain it back.

So, back to the exercises, since these are unquestionably good.

The exercises are grouped into sections - pushes, pulls, carries, core, and power. So a simple workout might include push ups (pushes), pull ups or rows (pulls), farmers walks, and kettlebell swings in some combination or circuit.


Note that paleo does not mean equipment-free. There are many body weight exercises here (including crawling and rolling over and around as a warm up), but you will minimally need a kettlebell or two. A TRX® is useful, thought not required, as is a pull up bar.

Flynn offers a pre-set 21-day beginning exercise program, as well as a 90-day immersion. Once you get to a more advanced level, I recommend seeing a personal trainer to simply spot you and check your form. Better safe than sorry!