Review: Robert Brace's D28 for Life


Review: Robert Brace's D28 for Life

A couple of years ago I reviewed my friend Robert Brace's workout and weight loss program, 28 Day Challenge. The program was great then, and the expanded and revamped 2015 version, D28 for Life, is even better.

Note that I received this program free via Fitfluential and Robert Brace for my unbiased review.

A Solid Exercise Plan

One issue with the original 28 Day Challenge was that there were only four workout plans, so after a couple of weeks they became somewhat repetitive.

While D28 for Life is built around the same four core workouts, Brace has added in extra short workout blasts, some dedicated to a body part and some to stretching. These new workouts help break things up so that the program feels fresher, with more variety.

A Solid Food Plan

The food guidelines in D28 for Life are nutritionally sound. Lots of lean, light proteins (chicken, turkey, tilapia, sole, etc.) with plenty of greens and fiber, very little sugar, and low glycemic index fruits.

The full kit comes with protein powder and supplements, to help you get the extra protein and nutrition you need. I elected to try just the exercises and diet program, as I am very picky about supplements. However, many of my friends from Fitfluential assure me that both the chocolate and vanilla protein powders taste great.

There is also a book of recipes, all of which sound fabulous. All I know is that the D28 for Life recipes I have tried turned out well, and they have for other too, which gives me hope that they are all good. Check out these Apple Cinnamon Energy Bites, which use the protein powder.


D28forLife Affirmation


This is probably the most important element of success that most programs under-deliver on. Motivation can be hard to come by, especially closer to the holidays.

D28 for Life includes an entire book of daily lessons and inspiration/motivation, as well as daily video lesson from Robert Brace himself.

Brace is very motivational - good-looking, pleasant, nice, and knowledgeable. No wonder the Victoria's Secret angels love him! Check him out in this short video on willpower:

Try D28 for Life Free

Try D28 for Life, and if you do not see results in 28 days, return the kit and just pay shipping. And you can use code LLIPPIN for 10% off the program.

Try it!