Ronni Ancona Tries Pilates

Like me, comedian Ronni Ancona has a "wonky pelvis." And again like me, she is working on her alignment with Pilates. In a funny yet informational article entitled, "Comedian Ronni Ancona Tries Pilates", she finally makes it to the Pilates Studio not to fix her rotated spine, but because of "the all-too visual damage after nine months of pregnancy and what felt like nine months of labour has finally motivated me to try the teachings of Mr Pilates. (Superficial, moi? Twisted spine? Nah, can't be bothered. Fat thighs? I'm there before I've left!)."

Hey, the superficial can be worked on as much as the structural; that's the beauty of Pilates!

And did Pilates work for her? Of course!

"I swear after one session that my tummy has withdrawn into submission, after two it is terrified of popping out in case it draws attention to itself resulting in more strenuous attacks.

Soon David says that I am ready to join a class. I am nervous, surrounded by women who look like attractive elastic bands and careful not to place myself next to the tautest one in case she snaps and pings me in the face.

I have a great time. Everyone is strong and focused. There is great music playing and with no more thanten in a class, David can easily get round to torture everyone in turn. I was worried that I might feel neglected.

My grumpy doctor-husband has noticed I no longer rotate so much and that my hips appear to be on the same latitude. A lot of my problems have gone. Thank you, David. And danke schön, Herr Pilates!"

Ronni Ancona works out at Ten Pilates in West London.