Runners Need Pilates

Pilates SnakeImage by Movements Afoot via Flickr

One of my Twitter friends is Natalie Friton, who writes the Health and Running blog and asked if she could interview me about Pilates and Running. A few insightful questions later and we have Pilates for Runners.

If you are a runner or Pilates teacher with questions about what to focus on, what exercises are the most beneficial, and how to help strengthen your body and run without pain and injury, this is (if I do say so myself) a really good comprehensive piece that focuses on Pilates mat exercises and using the foam roller.

In fact, Marguerite Ogle, who maintains and writes's Pilates Pages, says

"In the interview, Lippin targets issues for runners bodies, and recommends specific Pilates exercises for runners. This one is recommended reading for runners, potential runners, and Pilates instructors working with runners."

So go check it out and let me know what you think!