Self-Care - Today Is A Better Day


Self-Care - Today is a better day. I focused on myself and my care, and other things took care of themselves.

If you are reading regularly, you know that this weekend was shitty in terms of hubby's depression. He snapped Friday night and stayed in bed until Sunday.

My old way of handling this involved hovering, worrying, staying in, and hounding him with questions. None of this would work.

I would then resent him for "making me" stay home, hover, and worry.

I would be angry at him for ignoring me and my needs & questions.

This time I decided that he was taking care of himself the only way he knows how. And I need to take care of myself.

So I did.

I did self-reiki. I did Pilates. I read, wrote, and crocheted. I watched old Saturday Night Live episodes on my DVR and laughed. I went to acupuncture. And I made sure to eat enough and stay hydrated.

Yesterday he got up and started roasting off beef bones for stock, prepping chicken wings for dinner tonight, and being active at home.

This morning the stock pots are already on the stove at 6:29am. I am busy at work today, where I have a free hour to do some Pilates. And my blog post for the day is done.

Approaching life from a calm, grounded perspective is what I have learned from my years of Reiki and Pilates. It's just taken 25 years to sink in and become my routine.

How do you handle stress? Do you take it day by day?

Do you have any daily self-care practices that help you? Meditation? Yoga? Pilates? Reiki? Prayer? Walking or running? Even knitting or crochet?

If yes, good for you!

If no, I encourage you to find something that works. If you can't do it yourself, find a teacher.

Self-care makes all the difference.