My Skin Loves These Face Oils


My Skin Loves These Face Oils

For many years I did not use face oils. I had the idea, like many women, that they would make my skin more oily. I could not have been more wrong!

It turns out that, especially over the age of 40, if your skin doesn't have enough oil it produces its own. Yes, that's right. If you put on products to dry the oil, your skin responds by simply making more.

For me, that meant a super-greasy T-zone with very dry cheeks. Not a good combination!

I started with an expensive oil, and then looked for less expensive alternatives. The Vitamin E and Jojoba oils from Eden's Semilla are exactly what my skin needs at a great price. I use the Jojoba Oil in the morning, as it has some spf. And the Vitamin E oil at night is helping to brighten my skin and even out skin tone.

skin oils vitamin eAt 4oz each for less than $30 total, these oils are a bargain! They fit well on the shelf with the other serums and eye cream, they are unscented, and they work well. All good!

The Vitamin E oil is blended with jojoba and rose hip oil to make it less thick. Of the two, it smells the most like just plain oil, but absorbs quickly so the smell doesn't linger. I use about three drops and that does my whole face and neck, with some to rub on my hands and nails. The Jojoba Oil is runnier, and smells slightly citrusy. Again, I only need about three drops.

If you have been looking for less expensive, high quality face and skin oils, I highly recommend these!