Top 5 Pilates Blog Posts from 2016 That You Must Read


A Top 5 Pilates Blog Posts list should be an obvious New Years Eve thing, but it wasn't in my brain until I read through Joan Stewart's Publicity Hound newsletter this morning and found her 10 Blog Posts from 2016 That You Can’t Afford to Ignore post. So, without further ado, here is my very own curated list. These are the ones I believe to be the most valuable, not necessarily the ones that got the most traffic.

Top 5 Pilates Blog Posts from 2016 That You Must Read

1. Why I Do Pilates

Why it’s important:

It isn't easy to find a clear explanation of the benefits of Pilates. Here I answer the question, What does Pilates do really well that other exercise methods may not? 

2. Breathing

Why it’s important:

We all have to breathe. It is important to our continued ability to function! Here is the science behind how we approach breathing in Pilates, and why we inhale to start many Pilates exercises. If you have issues with hernia or diastasis recti, this post will give you some answers.

3. Pelvic Stability, Pilates, and Back Pain

Why it’s important:

Every single client I have seen over the past 27 years who came in with back pain had an unstable pelvis. Every single one! Understanding pelvic stability is the key to dealing with back pain.

4. Why Pilates Audios Are Awesome

Why it’s important:

Most of us only exercise when and where it is the most convenient. We like to stay home or close to home, and do things that require very little set-up and extra stuff. Pilates audios are an inexpensive and convenient way to start or keep up your Pilates practice anywhere.

5. About That Colonoscopy...

Why it’s important:

Colon cancer is a preventable thing, and the best prevention is colonoscopy, where a doctor looks at the inside of your large intestine (rectum and colon), checking for growths and polyps. Here I share my entire experience.

I hope that you found this list of my top 5 Pilates blog posts from 2016 useful and interesting. Happy New Year and have a great 2017!

2016 Is My Year


2016 Is My Year

Seriously, with so many things still up in the air, 2016 is my year! According to my astrology friends, 2016 is a year of completion and wholeness.

I Completed My First e-Course in 2016

While I planned to have it done and delivered by Christmas Day 2015, my Pilates for Back Pain eCourse was delayed when my video camera decided to stop working. I purchased a holder so I could attach my Samsung Galaxy S6 to my tripod, and a few days later did all the videos on my phone. The course was delivered to pre-buyers last Sunday, 3 January 2016.

More about my Pilates for Back Pain eCourse here.

I Started Thyroid Treatment in 2016

After months of dragging around, being incredibly tired yet not sleeping, and gaining weight, I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started Synthroid on New Year's Eve (since this medication takes several days to weeks to take effect, I count this as a 2016 start). I now sleep seven to eight hours straight and have lost over 13 pounds.

As part of a dietary change to support my thyroid treatment, I have stopped eating gluten and most sugars. I am scared by how quickly my body reacts to these substances, by instantly bloating and getting tired. Instantly!

I Joined Team Inspire (Beachbody) in 2016

I don't know about you, but I am tired. Not just low thyroid tired, but tired of studio teaching all the time. So I am building up recurring sources of residual income.

My eCourse, the first of many, is a first step. Digital products have no expiration date and continue selling even when you are not actively selling them.

My second step is my new partnership with Beachbody and Shakeology via Team Inspire. I could not ask for a better and more inspiring group of people, all of whom already had their own independent fitness and coaching businesses. I love the taste and the nutrition behind Shakeology, and while I technically joined at the end of December, my eCourse took up so much time that I am just now getting to learning the Beachbody business in early 2016.

This will be a worthy source of dependable residual income from products that I truly love.

Expanded Publishing in 2016

While my books (Pilates Fundamentals to Eliminate Back Pain and the Zombie Killing Stoners series that I co-wrote with hubby) have always been exclusive to Amazon, I am expanding their reach via Smashwords. This requires some reformatting and such, but I believe that will be worth it in the end.

With such a crazy start, how can 2016 fail to be anything but incredible and awesome? I cannot wait to see what it brings!