Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.

I hear a lot about Reiki and hynotherapy being used to treat PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder. Even the US military has started promoting reiki as a calming treatment for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

There are many simple stress-relieving tools that are known to work for a wide variety of PTSD symptoms, including fear, depression, violence, anger, insomnia, and inability to focus. While medications and other Western treatments can do a lot, there are so many tools like reiki that can help those with PTSD function and get along in the non-military world.

Andrew T. Austin is a UK-based therapist who is well known for his effective work with PTSD patients. Austin's focus is the real world, and what the best tools are that will help people function in that world. He focuses on IEMT (integral eye movement technique), which is highly effective after trauma, and can help with memories, nightmares, and other "mental movies" of the trauma.

His home study course and membership site have been successfully used by people all over the world. If you have PTSD, or have close friends or family who suffer, this material is really helpful and can be used in the privacy of your home.

Reiki for Anxiety

Many years ago I taught Pilates to a developmentally disabled woman with cerebral palsy. She responded really well physically to the Pilates exercises and very well emotionally to my care and touch. While that was pre-Reiki for me, I was a practitioner of Therapeutic Touch. Her caretakers and caseworkers all mentioned how much calmer and happier she was, and that she had fewer aggressive episodes and less anger.

Today on the Soul Healing blog was a post about Treating Anxiety with Reiki that reminded me of this client.

"I had a man with a disability come to see me months ago as he was often getting very anxious and even quite aggressive with others. His carer asked me if I could help. The man came for three Reiki sessions with me on three consecutive Saturdays. The carer and many other people in his life reported that he was much calmer and they had really noticed the difference in his temperament since he had been receiving Reiki."

There is more to the story, but you should go read the post for that!