Bipolar disorder

Spring Is Finally Here


English: Mother's Day card While today is Mother's Day, I prefer to focus instead on the fact that it is finally spring. You see, my mother has been in a nursing home for the past 20 years, and now has advanced dementia to the point where she doesn't recognize me anymore. She is also in hospice care, showing the signs of jaundice that are a prelude to liver cancer.

In the years leading up to her institutionalization, Mom suffered with the demons of bipolar disorder, putting both of us into severely inappropriate and dangerous situations. She would hallucinate, have delusions of grandeur, and throughout my teens would steal me from my father to go to bars, bingo halls, and restaurants where we would smoke endless cigarettes and drink whiskey sours.

So I focus on Spring - warmth, sun, flowers, and less clothing. Yay!