How to Define Value in the Pilates Business


How to Define Value in the Pilates Business

Are your clients happy to pay you? Are you making enough money to meet your needs and wants? What is your "Wow" factor?

I am active in many Facebook groups devoted to Pilates and Fitness teaching and marketing. At least once a month someone asks about what successful teachers, trainers, or owners add to their businesses to make them more valuable in the eyes of potential clients and customers.

My answer is always the same.

You must be the Wow factor of your Pilates business. You must be the value!

This answer seems to bother people. I have been told that I am "ripping people off" by charging a lot for my services. I have been told that there is no way people would gladly pay that much for Pilates unless there is a bunch of stuff added to the offerings.

Other trainers and teachers always ask me what else I offer.

Surely there must be extra groups, emails, meetings? Surely I must offer gifts, bonuses, and other add-ons?


I offer me.

And I spend time focusing on how I can make a better me, since I am the value that I offer to my clients.

You see, it is the client who defines value. Let me repeat, it is the client who defines value!

So I spend my money and time on taking great Pilates sessions, on learning from people who know at least as much, if not much more, than I do. I also spend time and money adding to my toolbox - kettlebells and TRX for more resistance training? I got that. Some simple neuroscience based MindMAP coaching? I can do that. Some Reiki to keep you calm and feeling better? No problem!

From my end I promise to be on time, to be responsible, to never harm anyone, and to continually strive to help my clients feel, function, and live better.

Not only do my clients feel, function, and live better, they are happy to pay for their sessions. Not once has anyone looked at me and said, "So Lynda, what else can you give me for this money?"

Not once!

Getting back to your situation, what is your client response? If they bargain, hem and haw, and otherwise show reluctance to pay for your services, that means they are not perceiving value.

That doesn't mean that you and your skills aren't valuable. But it does mean that your clients aren't seeing it.

How to define your value?

Look at things and services in your life where you are willing to pay more money. Better hotels, leather goods, wines, massage therapists, facials? Better medical care, grocery selection, dinner service?

Where you are willing to pay more? What differentiates that experience? What makes it better and more valuable, even though it is more expensive?

Now, apply that definition to yourself and your Pilates business.

How Big Is Your Pilates Niche?


The size of your Pilates Niche (or Fitness, Yoga, Travel...) is less important than how you serve them.

I woke up this morning to a timely e-mail from one of my marketing gurus, Seth Godin. Today's post is titled, "Is Your Niche Too Small?"

There's no such thing as a niche that's too small if the people care enough.

If you think you need a bigger market, you're actually saying that the market you already have doesn't need you/depend on you/talk about you enough.

You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve.

How does this apply to your business?

Well, I will use myself as an example. My niche is people aged 35-65 who are affluent, lead stressful lives, and experience pain and/or dysfunction. I work with hedge fund managers with back pain and bad posture, women with diastasis after having children, and high powered attorneys with scoliosis who need to be as functional as possible.

Because I charge a lot, my clientele is limited to those who can afford me. And since that means they can afford just about anyone, what kind of value do I offer to my niche that keeps them doing Pilates with me?

  1. I am consistently on time and ready to work with my client.
  2. I maintain focus on my client during the entire session, starting with, "How is your body today? How can I help you today?" and ending with, "Happy to help."
  3. I watch my clients move all hour, checking and correcting position so that he or she gets the most benefit from the exercises.
  4. I answer questions and explain why I am doing things a certain way, or in a certain order.
  5. I am more than happy to discuss what I am doing with medical professionals, so everyone can be comfortable and on the same page.
  6. I offer consistent and verifiable results! Less pain, better posture, smaller diastasis and hernia.
  7. Simply put, my clients FEEL BETTER and do better in life.

And really, if you can afford to, who wouldn't pay for that?

Do you serve your Pilates niche this way?

Would you?

Five Coaching Mistakes Every New Trainer Makes


There are Five Coaching Mistakes That Every New Trainer Makes

In yesterday's post on Marketing 101, I mentioned my friend Dax Moy, the highest paid trainer in the UK for very good reason.

In dealing with his own PTSD after surviving the tsunami in Thailand, Dax realized that many of the ways he (and everyone else) was coaching clients, including how he talks to them and how he frames questions, were actually making things harder for them.

So instead of fighting with non-compliant clients, instead of stressing then out and making them feel threatened by yelling at them, giving them ultimatums, pushing too hard, and expecting way too much, Dax started really listening to his clients and approaching them from a different place.

A place of support, understanding, and healing.

Do you make these five coaching mistakes?

Does your trainer or coach make them?

There is a better way!


More Snow!


NYC Is Having More Snow (and Sleet, Ice, Rain)!

OK, I get that it is still winter. And I get that winter comes with cold, sleet, and snow. But today is almost too much to bear.

See, we already had a lot of snow, with chunks of ice just sitting at every corner. Now we have snow on top of the ice.

Right now it is raining, which will melt some of the snow, but then later it will start to snow again and everything will freeze up - cuz that's awesome!

More snow is irritating at this point. New Yorkers, who handle everything pretty well, including 9/11 and Sandy, are getting progressively pissier.

Any inconvenience, like subways running late or sidewalks that aren't cleaned, can lead to anger.

This morning the woman in front of me coming up the subway stairs, with lots of folks behind us, decided to stop in the middle to put up her umbrella. I thought we were going to run her over, but after lots of yelling, calmer heads prevailed.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. We have more snow coming, but I won't have to be out in it.

My Exogen 4000 Bone Stimulator



I have my new Exogen 4000 bone growth stimulator.

When I saw the podiatrist and received the bad news that my crushed toe was not knitting back together, I was really depressed. After all, I make my living and get some of my sanity from pilates and exercise, neither of which are fully available for me in this condition.

After relegating me to 5 more boot weeks (now only 3 as of tomorrow!), he prescribed an Exogen Bone Growth Stimulator device for me to use daily for 20 minutes.

His office had the Exogen rep contact me after talking to my insurance company. The cash rate was less than my co-pay plus deductible on Durable Medical Equipment, and is billable with no interest.

Basically, this device delivers a specific frequency of ultrasound waves that offers enough 'impact' to the bone pieces to stimulate healing and knitting. While using the device doesn't hurt at all, my toe is hurting more since I started with the Exogen last Friday. Not bone pain, but nerve stuff, which makes me think something is happening there!

This device has helped many people avoid surgery and get on with their lives. I can't wait until my next x-ray 8/30. And I seriously can't wait to move my ankle! Foot cramps. Can't move foot. Need I say more?

My next post will discuss the chinese medicine herbal formula that I have added on the advice of my awesome acupuncturist Craig.

Have you had any broken bones? Have you used the Exogen 4000 or another bone stimulator? What was your experience? Leave a comment and let me know!



Lesson of the Broken Toe


The Universe just taught me a lesson.

An articulated human skeleton, as used in biol...

I broke my big toe last week.

Normally a broken toe is not a huge deal. You maybe tape it; do lots of rest, ice, compression, and elevation; and you are good in a few weeks.

But not my broken toe. No, mine is broken in two places, so the chances of the bone pieces becoming misaligned and requiring pinning is much greater. This means keeping the toe completely immobile for at least three weeks. No exercise, minimal unbooted walking, and a giant boot for outside time and work time.

Otherwise I am to be reclining with my foot elevated and ice every couple of hours.

Awesome! (Not.)

How did it happen? I was rushing from one train to another and barely noticed the heavy cart wheel roll over my toe. Then I went and taught Pilates for a couple of hours, and continued on with my life.

When I finally got to the doctor and had the xray, my toe was huge and black. I was in a lot of pain and very tired. Now I have a minimum of three weeks of slowness, with a total of eight to ten weeks healing time.

There is a huge lesson for me here.

Stop rushing!

Now I get up 15 minutes earlier for work and can take as long and slow a hopping stroll to the studio as needed. I take a full hour to get from studio to studio, so I can take my time, wait for elevators, and look out for people and carts. I nap in the afternoons. And I try to not complain about my boot, since it allows me to work and leave my house.

Hubby is a huge help. He is doing everything he usually does (cooking, cleaning, laundry, and writing his second novel), plus every dog walk, every kitchen run, every store run, and little things like massaging my legs to help with circulation and lymph.

When I told a colleague what happened, she said, "So Lynda, what is the lesson here? You need to slow down and stop rushing!" Was it that obvious to everyone but me?

I will keep you updated!

So, how about you? Has the universe sent you any clear messages lately? Leave me a comment and let's discuss....



Abundance Change Me Prayer by Tosha Silver


Abundance Change Me Prayer

Hex sign abundance

From my friend Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead

She posted this on Facebook this morning, and I am compelled to share it with you. It is simply beautiful and is something that we can all use.

Abundance Change Me Prayer.

If you feel drawn, let it enter your Being, releasing any old ideas of constriction or limitation and returning Your true essence as expansive, radiant Light.

"Divine Beloved, Change Me into someone who can give with complete ease and abundance, knowing You are the unlimited Source of All.

Let me be an easy open conduit for Your prosperity. Let me trust that all of my own needs are always met in amazing ways and it is safe to give freely as my heart guides me.

And equally, please Change Me into someone who can feel wildly open to receiving. Let me know my own value, beauty and worthiness without question. Let me allow others the supreme pleasure of giving to me. Let me feel worthy to receive in every possible way.

And protect me dear Lord from those whose hearts may be closed. Let me extend kindness to all who need, feeling compassion and understanding in even the hardest situations.

Change me into One who can fully love, forgive and accept myself... so I may carry your Light without restriction.

Let everything that needs to go, go. Let everything that needs to come, come. I am utterly Your own.

You are Me. I am You. We are One.

All is well.