Usui Reiki I

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I just wanted to share some feedback I received from a recent Usui Reiki I student who received the distance attunement and manual (see sidebar).

Hi Lynda,

Shortly after 7 pm I began relaxing more a bit nervous but continued to relax. Started to sweat slightly around the forehead and noticed that my hands were tingly and warm. Shortly after I thought I heard a high frequency sound, not loud but it was there .. steady for a bit then stopped. I wear hearing aids and they were off at the time as well as my glasses. Had a feeling to start the self healing after ~ 20 minutes. The hands on some parts of the body seemed to get warmer for 2 or 3 minutes then become less warm (an indication to move on?).


and a few days later...

Hi Lynda!

I am continuing to do the daily self healing plus extra on plants. Saturday I hit my head fairly hard coming out of the storage area ... on the edge of the wood..ouch!! I did Reiki on the head for about 4 to 5 minutes and it was healed! No pain, no sore spot even later or the next day!!!

When I was doing Self healing around the Yellow Chakra, I saw a vision of an outlined triangle connected to an outlined rectangle that formed an arrow pointing up. It was outlined in golden sparkly light.


Reiki works!

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