Health Review: Herbalogic Chinese Herb Drops


Herbalogic produces and sells Chinese herb drops in formulations designed to ease allergies, back pain, stress, and insomnia, among others. They taste fine and work as promised!

5/5 Stars

I am a firm believer in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Nothing has helped me feel better more than my regular acupuncture and cupping treatments at City Acupuncture (especially since I can go Sunday morning and relax all day after), and my yin-strengthening Chinese herbal tablets.

So I was pretty excited when the folks at Herbalogic contacted me to try some of their Chinese Herb Drops. I requested Easy Breather, which is geared towards folks with seasonal allergies and sinus issues, and Back In Action, which helps with minor muscle and back pain after exercise, and chronic minor pain from arthritis.

herbalogic bottles front

Herbalogic was founded by two Austin, TX-based acupuncturists after they complete their training at Chengdu University. The supplements are made from herbs sourced directly from small farmers in China, except for the American Ginseng. The herbs are in a base of water, alcohol, and glycerin. You simply shake the bottle and put some drops into room temperature water to drink 1-3 times a day. That's it!

The formulas are no joke. Easy Breather contains many fruits and budding flowers, as well as cicada moult (yes, you read correctly - the chitin skeleton left when the cicada nymph moults) which, according to my acupuncturist, has a cooling, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.

I recently started suffering from bad seasonal allergies, which only become manageable with steroid nasal spray, anti-histamine, and pseudo-ephedrine (decongestant). With the Easy Breather I seem to be able to go longer periods before needing any pills, so that is worth a lot.

Back In Action contains, among its over twenty herbs, flowers, and roots, deer antler, which helps nourish and protect our bones, blood, and joints, as well as many cooling, anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Like most people, fitness professionals included, I have occasional flare ups of old injuries that leave me in some muscle pain. And, frankly, I usually take naproxyn for that (generic Aleve). Back In Action works as well, and about as quickly, with much less stomach irritation.

herbalogic bottles back

Both of these formulas are very Yin (sweet, cooling), since us folks who tend to suffer from inflammatory symptoms are typically very Yang. I can easily tolerate the taste, but for some it may take some getting used to.

Have you tried TCM? Has it worked for you? Tell me about it!


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