Distance Healing

Distance Reiki - Surrogate Method

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OK, let's go over what is known as the surrogate method of distance healing, where you will use a small object to symbolize the person to whom you are sending the Reiki.

Start with a comfortable and familiar doll, teddy bear, or pillow and lay it on your knees. This will represent the person, animal, or plant that you are healing.

Call in the Reiki, draw the three symbols, ending with the HSZSN, and intend to channel distance healing to [name] in [location] for [ailment or greatest good]. Intend that the surrogate will represent the person, plant, or animal.

Treat the surrogate with a miniature hands-on Reiki treatment, intending the energy to reach the intended recipient. You may scan, use symbols as needed, and turn the surrogate over when you need to. When finished, draw the CKR or do whatever technique you like to close the healing. (Some people draw the power symbol, some simply intend that the healing be done and the Reiki “turn off”).

Try this and let me know how it works. It can be strange to do a full on Reiki session to a pillow or stuffed animal, but it can be helpful for focus. It can be helpful to schedule this kind of healing (as we did with your attunements) so that the recipient can be prepared and you can give each other feedback on the experience.

I am always willing to be a guinea pig, and you might also want to see if any other Reiki healers might want to swap energy and give you some feedback on the process as well.

Distance Reiki - Invisible Person Method

The invisible person method is my preferred method for distance reiki and for distance attunements, just so you know :-). I find it the easiest and most gratifying to work with. Call in the energy, draw or intend the distance symbol and whatever other symbols you are using,and intend to channel reiki to (name) in (location) for (ailment or greatest good or both).

Visualize the shape of a person’s body in front of you. The shape can be upright or laying down, whichever is easier. Intend that the body shape you are visualizing represent that person’s comparable parts. Scan the body shape, intending to scan the person. You may intend to scan each part in turn; for example, intend “scanning head” as you scan the visualized head area, etc. Notice that your intentions are the most important thing!

You may choose to rotate the image as you do the scan and treatment, to reach each part easier, or for your own comfort during the treatment. Moving the invisible body is easy! I often start with the person’s shape upright and scan down the person’s energy with one hand over the front and one over the back, moving downward. Then I intend the body shape to move to a seated position or to a horizontal position across my lap.

Treat the visual image with a hands-on treatment, intending the energy to reach the intended recipient. Afterward, close the treatment with your chosen closing method.

I would take notes on what you notice in your scan and then confirm with the person. I did this with my mentor Alice Langholt at Reiki Awakeningand noticed a lot of heat in her chest, back, and head. It turned out she was getting over the flu!

Sending Distance Reiki in Objects

In addition to using the intention and symbols to send distance Reiki (learned in Usui Reiki II) you can also infuse photos, music, videos, photo cards or other objects with Reiki and pass them along to people who need some Reiki. I have worked with healing music videos, reiki infused crystals, photos, stuffed animals, and jewelry. Now, I generally don't believe that we have to really work hard to infuse and object or digital object with Reiki, but can rely on the distance energy itself to get the job done.

Reiki Master

I am lucky to be attuned in several forms of Reiki healing, including the seminal Usui Reiki Ryoho. I was attuned as a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master by Reiki Master Jane Young. Then I met another Reiki Master, Alice Langholt who attuned me in Kundalini and Tachyon Reiki, and with whom I completed a very useful Distance Healing Course just a few months ago.

About Distance Reiki Healing

A Distance Reiki session will balance you, offering deep relaxation and harmony. Distance Reiki can be very comforting to receive during stressful situations, and is an ideal stress reliever during high stress situations such as exams, business meetings, job interviews, auditions, public speaking, court appearances, sports performances, and even the purchase or rental of a new home or office.

Physically, Distance Reiki will ease pain, reduce side effects, and support any medical treatments. Reiki speeds the healing recovery process for anyone who is ill or hospitalized and also reduces the trauma of surgery. Distance Reiki is suitable before and after surgery, medical procedures, or childbirth. And Reiki is well known for the comfort and peace it brings to the terminally ill.

Distance Reiki can help you combat smoking, eating, shopping, and chemical addictions. As Reiki reduces anxiety, it enables positive choices of action. It can also be a complimentary treatment for depression.

When you buy a distance healing you will tell me the name, location, and time zone of the recipient and what you would like me to focus on in the healing. I will let you know what day(s) and time(s) I will be sending the Reiki.

There is nothing special that you need to do to receive the energy. You can choose to sit quietly, to meditate, or to go about your daily life. The Reiki will reach you no matter what! And you can feel free to email me any feedback or questions.

That's it! You can sign up for Distance Reiki Healing by choosing the number of sessions and hitting the "Buy Now" button. Enjoy.

Distance Reiki for Stroke Victim

I recently received some interesting feedback from my Reiki II student Ron regarding his sending Reiki using the Invisible Person method.

On 6/1/09 I was requested to send Reiki to a brain stroke victim who was also being sent a different form of healing just before me. The patient lives in Washington state. He is doing wonderfully, better than expected. The family is very happy! I am waiting for more feedback as I told the requester the time I had sent Reiki. I was attempting to separate the healing sent before the Reiki to determine what effect the Reiki may have had afterwards. Maybe they joined forces?

Now Reiki will always join forces with whatever other positive healing is happening, which is why it is so effective as a Complementary Therapy. But a few days later he received this.

Some specific feedback on the stroke patient after the Reiki:

"...George seemed to have less energy today, but the Dr... reported that his CT scan showed increased improvement from the last one."

Interesting stuff, isn't it? Is it the Reiki, the other treatments? To tell you the truth, as long as he is getting better I don't see that the question has meaning.