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Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Giveaway


Win A Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Travel Kit

Oh yes, I have another awesome giveaway for you this week! This time our giveaway is from my friends at Komega6 Sport Essential Oil.

As you know, I love these oils, which is not typical for me. I generally dislike the smell of most essential oils, and the fact that so many are long-lasting doesn't help. I also find that having to blend them with a carrier oil is annoying, but is necessary to avoid burns and other reactions.

[If your essential oils say that you can use them straight, or ingest them straight, run away quickly! Imagine how a strong lemon or orange oil could burn your skin and the inside of your throat. Plus, carrier oils aid absorption. ]

Komega6 Carrier Supreme

Every Komega6 sport essential oil blend comes ready to apply with their trademarked Carrier Supreme blend featuring coconut oil, avocado oil, flax seed oil, and kenaf seed oil. This carrier blend delivers an all-natural transport vehicle for topical oil use. Carrier Supreme also aids the absorption of potent essential oils to the skin for various sport and health related uses, all without the risk of unwanted side effects. Here is more info:

Right now, you will receive kenaf seeds in every Komega6 order as part of their #GrowTogether initiative.


Four Targeted Sport Essential Oil Formulas

Instead of having many bottles of essential oils around, with Komega6 there are four blends: Focus Factor, Metabolic Lift, Recover, and Rest Easy.

I use the oils in my day - Focus Factor before I leave for work and later if I feel scattered, Metabolic Lift on my muscles before a workout, Recover both on sore muscles and in a hot epsom salt bath, and Rest Easy an hour or so before bed, or at any time when I need to chill and relax. Here is more information about the oils generally, and each formula specifically.

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The Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Giveaway

This giveaway will have TWO winners! Each winner will receive a Komega6 Sport Essential Oil Traveler Kit ($49.95 value), giving you all four oils in a handy travel bag. I have this kit and I love it! Come back daily to share on Twitter and up your chances of winning!

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My Favorite Things - June 2013 Edition


My Favorite Things - June 2013

I received some fabulous products for review this month, and I can't wait to tell you about them!

1. Essence of Vali Essential Oils I like to consider myself somewhat of an essential oil snob. My first aromatherapy experiences were with Young Living Oils, then I continued with Bach essences, and immersed myself in the COMO Shambhala line for a few years. I can tell a cheap fragrance from a quality oil, and my sensitive skin will let me know if something cheesy makes it past my nose.

sleep_deluxe_gift_set_t1_largeWhen the folks at Essence of Vali contacted me about their all natural, vegan, high quality aromatherapy healing oils, I was excited. And I didn't expect to receive a sample of every single blend! My baths have been luxurious and healing, and even my scent-sensitive hubby can handle the smell.

My favorites are Sleep, Balance, Calm, Revive, and Fortify. Just two tiny capfuls of oil in my epsom salt bath does the trick. Perfect, effective, and nice on my nose and my skin.

2. The Digest Diet and The Digest Diet Cookbook While the specifics of The Digest Diet: The Best Foods for Fast, Lasting Weight Loss did not work well for me, there are certain takeaways and recipes that I will use forever.

The Good: I can't start the day anymore without the breakfast smoothie and its blend of fruit, flax seed, yogurt, coconut milk, honey, peanut butter, vanilla, and cocoa. Seriously makes me feel great and stays with me for a while. Ditto the spicy Mexican chicken soup and the oatmeal breakfast cakes.

Great body weight exercise program that takes little time and is easy to do.

The Bad: Too much dairy (I am lactose intolerant, and luckily found lactose-free yogurt), too many raw fruits and veggies (my body handles cooked food better), and too many beans. I ended up gaining weight in bloat.

The Takeaway: Once I modified the plan per The Bad above, I lost weight without hunger. This is a win if you can modify the plan to work for you. The Digest Diet Cookbook recipes are great whether you strictly follow the diet or not, and the exercise plan is effective and easy to follow.

3. Lisa Johnson's Pilates DVDs My friend and fellow Pilates teacher Lisa Johnson asked me to review her already well-reviewed DVDs, Modern Pilates and Body Physica: INTENSE. I am writing a separate review post for these, but wanted to make sure to mention them here because they are really good! The Pilates mat is well taught and the high-intensity interval training in Body Physica offers several great, safe, and intense workouts.