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Asics I Move Me Jump Room Event with Steve Aoki

Now that I am moving steadily towards my dream space of working solely from home and online, hubby and I have time to attend the fitness influencer and press events that I receive invitations to. Awesome venues, celebrity meet and greets, some lovely food and beverage service, and a chance to learn more about brands I love - what could be bad?

Why I Wear Asics

Let me start off by saying that I actually do wear Asics to run and workout in (I do high intensity interval runs - 20 seconds on/30 seconds off, and weight training). They are very supportive and not too flexible, which is exactly what my arthritic, injured feet need. In fact, in a very unscientific survey, I looked at the shoes of subway riders this weekend, and realized that almost every woman around my age (51) was wearing, yes, Asics.

After decades of marketing to athletes and runners, Asics is pushing to re-enter the younger, hipper US market. After opening bespoke stores in major markets, Asics has now teamed up with Grammy-nominated DJ and fitness fanatic, Steve Aoki, for the new I Move Me campaign.

"'ASICS stands for Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a Sound Mind in a Sound Body and we are so excited to show the world a reimagined interpretation of that mantra,' says Gene McCarthy, President and CEO of ASICS Americas. I MOVE ME is more than a campaign. It is a movement representative of the evolution and growth of the ASICS brand. We are setting out to reframe our narrative, deepen relationships with our core consumers and connect with a new generation of fitness minded consumers.'"

Asics I Move Me Event at The Jump Room

I received an invitation to meet Steve Aoki, learn more about I Move Me, and experience the new Asics shoes at The Jump Room last Wednesday, 10/25/17. The Jump Room is a secret event space in the East Village that has, yes, trampolines and special cameras that take a .gif of you while jumping. Plus a DJ balcony, great sound and AV, and awesome lighting.

We had a great time! I met Steve, tried on the new Asics, which were so comfortable, and jumped on the trampolines! The crowd of press and influencers was very diverse, with all races, genders, and ages ranging from 20s-70s.

I am looking forward to seeing where this goes. I heard many teasers about what will be coming up, and what will be happening, but still am not quite sure where this is going in terms of products. I hope this is not just more marketing noise, but will culminate in a solid campaign. 

Here are some photos from the event:


Entrance - by Lynda Lippin, 2017

Entrance - by Lynda Lippin, 2017

Steve Aoki, Alicia Napoleon, and the KINJAZ, Kris Connor, Getty Images on behalf of ASICS

Steve Aoki, Alicia Napoleon, and the KINJAZ, Kris Connor, Getty Images on behalf of ASICS

The pre-jump area, by Lynda Lippin 2017

The pre-jump area, by Lynda Lippin 2017

Me and Steve Aoki

Me and Steve Aoki

MPG Sport Spring/Summer 2018 Preview

One big bonus of living in NYC is access to fashion previews and sample sales. As a fitness influencer (and I am not even sure what that means, but that the world views me in this way), I receive press invites to activewear line previews all the time, and am so happy that I accepted the invitation from MPG Sport!

MPG Rainbow Rain Jacket - S/S 2018

It being the newly named season of Hotumn here in the NE United States, where temperatures have yet to dip below 50F, the S/S preview seemed appropriate for right now. My very favorite piece is the Rainbow Rain Jacket.


Iridescent Is the New Black

Iridescence is everywhere. Look for solids that transform into iridescent material when stretched, solids with iridescent strips and accents (the tuxedo pants photo does not do that stripe justice!), And shimmery, ethereal tops and jackets.


MPG mermaid pants - by Lynda Lippin, 2017

MPG mermaid pants - by Lynda Lippin, 2017

Iridescent striped tuxedo pant - by Lynda Lippin 2017

Iridescent striped tuxedo pant - by Lynda Lippin 2017

MPG Mila Quilted Bomber Jacket

As a gift for showing up and covering the preview, BMG gave me what has turned out to be my go to fall jacket - the Mila Quilted Bomber Jacket in Plum. I love this jacket!


BMG Mila Bomber - my favorite jacket for Fall!

BMG Mila Bomber - my favorite jacket for Fall!

Hoola Hooping Granny Inspires Fitness and Weight Loss

Hampshire, UK resident Beryl McAuliffe has become a star on, where the grandmother blogs about discovering fitness and weight loss through hoola hooping.

"The grandmother-of-five, from Aldershot, shed half a stone and dropped to a size 12 after picking up a hoola hoop for the first time in 55 years in March this year, at her local gym. Since then she’s gone hoola hooping crazy and attributes her favourite new activity to losing four and a half inches from her stomach and two and a half inches from her waist! And this is just the beginning in Beryl’s quest to get back into her size 10 clothes.

Beryl, a retired local government auditor, says: “I had never had a problem with my weight until I hit 50 and then I shot up two dress sizes to a size 14. I tried everything – swimming, walking, line dancing and aqua-aerobics – but I’ve literally watched the pounds drop off while hoola hooping and it’s been particularly great to be able to share this incredible revelation with like-minded people throughout the UK on”

Now Beryl has started a local hoola hooping group with other grannies in Aldershot and plans to use the Year of Wellbeing website to share her hoola hooping workout tips and progress through a series of blogs and podcasts."

More Muscle = Less Fat

We somehow still have it in our heads that weight training is unnecessary for fat loss and that cardiovascular exercise is what we need to do to lose weight. I hate to break it to you, but that's just plain wrong! Muscle tissue is more compact than fat (so takes up less space but is a bit heavier), has a higher metabolic rate than fat (so the more muscle you have th emore calories you burn even at rest), and is the first to go as we age (we lose 6 pounds of muscle mass every decade unless we lift weights to maintain it). To quote fitness professional Wayne Westcott writing in the Patriot Ledger,

"Let’s do the math. An adult who does not strength train is likely to lose six pounds of muscle and add 18 pounds of fat every decade. In terms of bodyweight (assessed accurately by the bathroom scale), this is a 12-pound change (18 pounds to 6 pounds); but with respect to body composition, (assessed accurately by laboratory techniques and reasonably well by the bathroom mirror), this is a 24-pound change (18 pounds plus 6 pounds).In other words, the bathroom scale offers only a half-truth, indicating a 12-pound problem when, in fact, there is a 24-pound problem."

This is a problem even for folks who are extremely fit cardiovascularly.

"Unfortunately, endurance exercise does not attenuate the muscle loss associated with aging. A University of Florida study of masters runners found that these aerobically active athletes lost five pounds of muscle over a 10-year period. In other words, standard modes of exercising do not productively address the underlying causes of fat gain, namely muscle loss and metabolic slowdown. While everyone should perform regular aerobic activity, it should be in conjunction with sensible strength training."

And all it takes is 20 minutes of strength training three times a week. Just one set of 8 repetitions of 10 different exercises!

"Our research with more than 1,600 study subjects averaged a three-pound muscle gain after 10 weeks of training for just 20 minutes per session. Our program participants performed one set (8 to 12 repetitions) of 10 weightmachines two or three days per week. This represents a modest amount of training time for a significant increase in muscle mass.

It makes sense from every perspective to perform regular strength exercise. In addition to reversing the muscle loss, metabolic slowdown and fat gain associated with the aging process, strength training reduces the risk of numerous degenerative diseases and disabilities. These include obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, colon cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, unfavorable blood lipid profiles, low back pain and depression. These important health and fitness benefits, not to mention improved physical appearance and functional abilities, make strength training a must-do activity."

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Product Review: Acoustibuds Premium Adapters for Earphones & Bluetooth Headsets

I have a confession to make. I rarely use my iPod for music because the earphones never stay in my ears. And that means I can't use it during fitness activities, which is a bummer!

That's right, they just never stay in my ears. I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on various earphone variations and none of them has really worked well for me. The standard iPod earphones are just a joke; they fall out and I can barely hear the music because of the poor fit. Then I have tried the actual inside-of-the-ear earbuds that are never deep enough and also fall out, the over-the-ear hook earphones that stay on but not necessarily in my ears...I had just about given up!

So when I saw Burton Technologies' Acoustibuds — adapters which fit over any standard earphone and supposedly help them stay in your ear comfortably while at the same time improving sound quality — I was understandably skeptical.

Acoustibuds are designed for the standard earphones provided with the Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, Microsoft Zune, Sony's and many other manufacturer's MP3 players, most aftermarket earphones, and most Bluetooth headsets. Basically, they are lightweight silicone sleeves that you slip over the earphone speakers.

There are two pair in the box, size five and six (which seems a bit random). As I have a smaller ear canal, I chose the smaller pair. They are easy to install, literally just slipping over the earphone speaker, and surprisingly comfortable. Luckily I read the instructions and turned the volume down on my iPod because the sound quality really was significantly better with much less background noise and more intensity. In addition, they actually stayed in my ears! I tried them walking, running, and shaking my head violently and they did not fall out.

Retailing at $10-$20 per box (with two sizes in the box) Acoustibuds are a great bargain for those of us who cannot wear most earphones. Just pop them onto any earphone and you will have better sound, a comfortable fit, and earphones that actually stay in your ears. I wish I had found these years ago!

Her Abs Saved Her Life

OK, you hear Pilates teachers and personal trainers discussing the abdominal muscles as a true internal "girdle of strength" that can support your back and torso, but do you really believe that? I do, and recently came a cross a news story that confirmed this concept.

Peggy Williams almost died in a freak paragliding accident, and was told by recuers and physicians that it was her strong abs that saved her life.

Thrown about like a rag doll, she plunged 5m and was dragged across a rocky outcrop on her stomach.

Ms Williams suffered a torn liver and almost severed her pancreas but was ultimately saved by her stomach muscles which acted as a “girdle” to protect her other vital organs.

So what did she do, hours at the gym? Thousands of crunches? Nope, actually, she does about 1 minute of ab exercises a day!

Ms Williams, who has no children, said she kept to a simple exercise regime to keep fit.

“I do 15 sit-ups and 30 bicycle sit-ups, or lateral crunches, every day — it’s

just a one-minute regime,” she said.

“I also run two or three times a week, and together that keeps me fit.

“More than one doctor has said that being so fit is what saved my life.”