Reiki for Headaches

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We had a guest recently who came in for Pilates and was having a severe headache that she was carrying for several days. At the end of her session I offered her 20 minutes of reiki. Her headache was gone and she was basically fine after that.

So when I saw another reiki for headaches story on Lavander Stamper's blog, I had to share this...

"In the afternoon I had a reiki treatment, I broke my toe last saturday & have been in agony all week especially as I'm on my feet all day & I had had two migraines and a headache all week, so I was definately in need of some TLC. The Reiki treatment lasted about an hour & was definately a totally chilled experience I just drift off to another place. Since the treatment I have not had another headache. So I am looking forward to Saturday for my 2nd treatment."

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