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Book Review: ZenDOG: Music and Massage for a Stress-Free Pet

Like many people, I have a dog with some small behavioral issues. Smiley was a stray who adopted us, and her previous owner abandoned her and left her outside and on her own. She has severe separation anxiety as a result, and will howl and bark in the house for hours after I leave to go shopping or anywhere other than a normal workday. She is smart enough to recognize different clothing and demeanor. When we travel I have to take Smiley to the dog boarder two days in advance lest she freak out when she sees us packing suitcases!

So when I saw Janet Marlow's ZenDOG kit of a book, a relaxation music for dogs CD, and a dog massage instructional DVD with massage brush, I figured it couldn't hurt to try. Janet Marlow is a pioneer in the field of dog relaxation music, actually recording music specifically composed to a dog's hearing range that is still relaxing for human ears as well.

I was skeptical at first but I must say that Smiley loves the music! I now put the CD on repeat when I am getting ready to leave the house and Smiley doesn't freak out as much. I have also started using the massage instructions and talking to Smiley more (yes, barking, howling, and generally making silly dog sounds) and she is responding. I almost feel like we have entire conversations even though I have no idea what we are discussing.

If you have a dog with behavioral issues, separation anxiety, irrational fears — or just want to learn more about how to lovingly bond with your dog — I highly recommend Marlow's products. She even has an iPhone Pet Acoustics App to keep you and your pet connected where and whenever you need.