Happy Birthday Mom


Happy birthday Mom - My mother would have turned 83 today.

I have been slowly getting better since my parents died. But today I am sad.

This would have been my mother's 83rd birthday. She spent the last 20 years institutionalized, first due to untreatable bipolar disorder compounded by dementia, and then spent her final 3 years in the nursing home in hospice acre for her failing physical body.

The last time I saw my mother, she was dying. She passed less than 24 hours from our visit.

Happy birthday Mom. I know you are in a better place.

New Year Fitness Resolutions

New Year fitness resolutions tend to be short-sighted and unsustainable. Here's what to do instead.

I don't make New Year resolutions anymore. There, I said it!

Instead of telling myself what to do, I try to start the New Year with small sustainable changes.

Last year I gained about 25 pounds between parents dying and crushed toe. I was depressed, exhausted, and barely making it through the day. In fact, I got sick at the end of the year with a major sinus infection.

So I am simply making small shifts:

  • I practice self-reiki daily first thing in the morning in those 20 minutes when I am up but don't need to be out of bed quite yet. No impact on my day or time; huge impact on my well-being!
  • I exercise intensely for 15-30 minutes every day. Yes, sometimes longer, but all I ask of myself is 15 minutes of some intensity.
  • I am eating one extra fruit or vegetable per day. Again, sometimes more, but all I ask of myself is one.

So far that is all. As I feel better from these I am sure more possibilities for change will arise.

On the other side of things, I am keeping true to my daily blogging and reading and commenting on other blogs. So far, so good!

How do you feel about resolutions? Do you tend to make big resolutions that you just drop? Or small changes that you can sustain? Or are you one of the rare people who can sustain the big changes?