Review: Healthy Joints for Life by Richard Diana, M.D.


Review: Healthy Joints for Life by Richard Diana, M.D.

Highly Recommended 4/5 stars

Inflammation is a word that seems to be on everyone's tongue lately, responsible for everything from tendonitis and back pain to rheumatoid arthritis. NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories), like naproxyn and ibuprofen, have become the painkillers of choice for many Americans. Unfortunately, these medications also have side effects that make them a problem for some people.

In Healthy Joints for Life, Dr. Richard Diana makes the case for a lifestyle change to support healthy joints, including a change in diet, the addition of supplements, and a regular, joint-friendly exercise program. Dr. Diana is a clinical instructor at Yale School of Medicine, a private medical practitioner, and a former professional football player for the Miami Dolphins who played in Super Bowl XVII.

Between watching helplessly as his mother's life was severely compromised by rheumatoid arthritis and seeing the effects of football on his fellow players and himself, Dr. Diana felt a need to alleviate joint pain in his medical practice.

Dr. Diana begins by outlining the causes of joint pain and degradation, including the main cause of inflammation, and then lays out an easy to follow, eight week program in Healthy Joints for Life, offering scientific backing for every suggestion he makes.

What he offers will not be new for many people. What is different here is how clear and simple his program is to understand and follow.