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Benefits of Reiki


Benefits of Reiki from Reiki Master Teacher Pamela Miles

I write a lot about the benefits of Reiki, both daily self practice for those who have at least first level Reiki under their belt, and regular Reiki treatments for everyone.

Better sleep, improved ability to focus, improved ability to handle stress, less pain and better ability to handle pain, etc. There is nothing bad about Reiki.

Here is an interview Dr. Sandi Scheinbaum did with Pamela Miles, author of Reiki: A comprehensive Guide, about the benefits of Reiki at the 2012 Integrative Healthcare Symposium.


Daily Self Reiki Practice


Daily self reiki practice is important for all reiki practitioners. Help yourself first so you can better help others!

When I was still living in the Caribbean my husband bought me Pamela Miles' Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide, one of the clearest books on Reiki I have read. Over the years Pamela and I have stayed connected (even though we saw each other more when we lived in different countries, as opposed to the same island), and her Reiki, Medicine, and Self-Care Facebook page and her Reiki Blog are great resources for me.

This weekend Pamela put out a call to action. She asked that all of us who do daily self reiki practice identify as such.

You can see the badge in my sidebar, but in case you missed it:

Daily Self Reiki Badge

I practice mostly in the early morning, before I get out of bed. It keeps me calm, balanced, and sane in an insane city.