Omega-3 fatty acid

Review: Buddha's Herbs One A Day Mega Omega


Review: Buddha's Herb's offers a One A Day Mega Omega supplement that is both body effective and cost effective.

5/5 stars - Highly Recommended!

Over the years I have tried to consolidate my supplements. Seriously, how many pills per day can one woman take? And then you have hubby, who hates taking pills, so needs the most bang for the buck in the few pills he will take.

We both have high cholesterol and some joint degeneration, so our physicians have been prescribing us fish oil for the past decade or more. The problem with most fish oil supplements is the low levels of Omega 3 EPA+DHA in each capsule. We would end up taking 4 per day just to meet the prescribed dosage. HighDoseOil

So when Buddha's Herbs contacted me about doing a review of their supplements and service, I chose their One A Day Mega Omega, which offers 700 mg EPA+DHA per capsule. Hubby and I take two and that meets our mega-dose requirements.

The capsules are smaller than many drugstore fish oils of lower potency, there is no fishy odor, and they do not add lemon to cover the smell, so this is safe to give to your pets. They do offer a standard fish oil product as well.

At a regular price of $23.29 per 200 capsules, Buddha's Herbs One A Day Mega Omega is a bargain! Plus there are always sales happening. According to Buddha's Herbs,

We only use the highest quality raw materials available and our potencies are selected by taking into consideration the clinical tests and are thus backed by scientific research. All the Dietary Supplements completely comply with 21 CFR part 3 regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices and all the production process is fully documented. Independent Testing for efficacy, purity and disintegration is done on all the Batches by taking representative samples and Certificate of Analysis of each product is verified.

Safe and effective! And service was smooth and friendly.

My Breakfast Power Smoothie


My breakfast power smoothie gives me energy to train clients for 3-5 hours straight! And it tastes great.

I never used to be a huge smoothie fan.

Seriously, I thought smoothies were a poor substitute for actual food. That they were what you ate when you were forced to, like when you had your wisdom teeth removed and couldn't chew for a week.

But then I became less tolerant of big breakfasts. I just cannot eat tons of food in the morning without feeling kinda sick.

And then hubby bought the awesome Oster Smoothie blender, which is pretty, easy to clean, and pulverizes leafy greens.Breakfast Power Smoothie

So here is the basic recipe. Just dump everything in the blender and go!

1/2 cup plain yogurt (I use lactose-free; also works with soy and almond if you cannot tolerate dairy.) 1 T. ground flax seed or chia seed 1.5 T. unsweetened egg protein powder 1 t. raw cocoa powder 2 T. chocolate almond milk 2 T. water 1 T. peanut or almond butter .5 t. vanilla 1-2 t. honey 1 cup fruit (I usually do either a banana with a few berries, or all mixed berries. Also works with mango and stone fruit). handful of greens (spinach, kale, swiss chard, or a mix) 4 ice cubes

Lots of lean protein, good fats with Omega 3s, fiber and anti-oxidants from the fruits and veggies - this smoothie is full of everything your body needs to start out running! Plus it tastes great.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

And feel free to share your favorite smoothie recipes with me!