Online Osteoporosis Workshop July 7, 2019

I am teaching an online Osteoporosis Workshop this coming Sunday July 7 to give you the facts about osteoporosis so that you can help your clients stay strong and functional for as long as possible.

I am hearing myths about osteoporosis being spread in Pilates groups online.

These myths go against the researched knowledge and recommendations of the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons.

These myths will harm your clients.

If you find my videos and discussions on modifying Pilates for osteoporosis useful, how does a 2 hour workshop breaking down the full advanced mat with discussion about other apparatus sound?

And it will be online and recorded, so even if you can't make it live, you will have the full workshop video.

Sound good? 💕

Join me this Sunday, July 7, 2-4pm ET on Zoom Meeting, and learn to teach (and do) advanced mat (which includes standing footwork and wall, and use of props) modified for osteoporosis.

Cost? Just $50.

That's right, two hours of completely useful osteoporosis modifications for just $50, with unlimited video recording access.

I would love to see you! More information in the video below.

Pilates and Osteoporosis

Lynda, I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and I am considering Pilates mat training for exercise. Are there any specific exercises I should avoid that would potentially injure me? It seems to me that rocking on your spine could be problematic. Any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you, Diana

Dear Diana,
Pilates can in fact be wonderful for osteoporosis under a well trained teacher who really knows osteoporosis exercise guidelines and how to modify the traditional exercises.

Traditional Pilates mat contains mostly exercises that are contra-indicated for osteoporosis, so your instincts are right on this issue. Before you start and exercise program take a look at my article on Pilates & Osteoporosis.

The majority of the Pilates mat is on your back and in forward flexion, both of which are extremely risky for you. remember, once you have a fracture in the vertebrae you will be in pain, it will be harder to stand up straight, and you will be at greater risk for morefractures! Plus, most Pilates teachers (and most people generally) do not know enough about exercise guidelines for osteoporosis, so you need to be particularly careful.

You want primarily standing work, balance work, and torso/spinal extension work.

There is a book out called OsteoPilates

which outlines guidelines and home programs and is available at most bookstores.

Standing Pilates and private equipment Pilates sessions with someone who knows about osteoporosis would be beneficial. Try to find a PhysicalMind Institute certified teacher/studio in your area and then see if they know the standing work or the osteoporosis modifications, both of which PMI teaches as part of certification and continuing education.

I have seen clients who fractured vertebrae in other Pilates studios. So take this seriously and be careful!