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I just wanted to share some feedback I received from a recent Usui Reiki I student who received the distance attunement and manual (see sidebar).

Hi Lynda,

Shortly after 7 pm I began relaxing more a bit nervous but continued to relax. Started to sweat slightly around the forehead and noticed that my hands were tingly and warm. Shortly after I thought I heard a high frequency sound, not loud but it was there .. steady for a bit then stopped. I wear hearing aids and they were off at the time as well as my glasses. Had a feeling to start the self healing after ~ 20 minutes. The hands on some parts of the body seemed to get warmer for 2 or 3 minutes then become less warm (an indication to move on?).


and a few days later...

Hi Lynda!

I am continuing to do the daily self healing plus extra on plants. Saturday I hit my head fairly hard coming out of the storage area ... on the edge of the wood..ouch!! I did Reiki on the head for about 4 to 5 minutes and it was healed! No pain, no sore spot even later or the next day!!!

When I was doing Self healing around the Yellow Chakra, I saw a vision of an outlined triangle connected to an outlined rectangle that formed an arrow pointing up. It was outlined in golden sparkly light.


Reiki works!

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A Lovely Reiki I Class

Yesterday I had the honor to teach Reiki I to a mother and daughter.

When my client @zoozan did her first Reiki session with me, I impressed on her that the beauty of the system was that it was easy to learn and easy to practice. So she sent her daughter @anna_lise in for a session and she agreed that she wanted to learn.

So yesterday, in a lovely setting overlooking the Hudson River, with plenty of green tea and water, I gave them the attunement and watched as they gave each other their treatments. So lovely! So perfect!

RT @zoozan: @lyndalippin @anna_lise and I loved the #reiki lessons!! The results of the treatments were immediately noticeable. Lunch soon!

RT @anna_lise: @zoozan @lyndalippin absolutely amazing #reiki training today!! Feeling incredible!

I also teach this remotely, as it is possible to send the attunement.

Essential Reiki: A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art  The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr. Mikao Usui  Reiki: A Comprehensive Guide

Basic Reiki Hand Positions


Reiki I is primarily aimed at self-treatment

and strengthening one's own meditative self practice, which has a host of healing benefits in and of itself. There are several Reiki Hand Positions for Self Treatment, as follows: 1. Face 2. Crown and Top of the Head 3. Back of the Head 4. Chin and Jawline 5. Neck Collarbone and Heart 6. Ribs and Rib Cage 7. Abdomen 8. Pelvic Bones 9. Shoulder Blades and Midback 10. Lower Back and Sacrum

If you are interested, contact me for Reiki I training and attunement, which I offer both in a live class format and by distance.

A Reiki Attunement Testimonial

Healing appeared to be only in the hands of a gifted few and therefore unattainable by most of us, so I thought. However, thanks to Lynda Lippin's Reiki attunements and teaching, I can now direct Reiki healing energies to myself and to others! And so can any other like-minded individual once they are attuned! I am so grateful to you Lynda! - Ron

When I asked my Reiki I & II student Ron R. for a testimonial I wasn't sure what he would say. After all, learning traitional Usui Reiki from a long distance can seem counter-intuitive. But in the same way that Reiki healing can be sent over long distances so can attunements, and then the support for practice is easy to follow up on.

Ron has done really well and has helped me refine my teaching. I hope that some of you will decide to train with me as well.

A Usui Reiki II Testimonial from Kerrie Ann Frey

When fellow pilates teacher and twitter buddy Kerrie Ann Frey asked me about my distance Usui Reiki II training, she really was concerned about whether distance attunements and distance learning for Usui Reiki would be as effective as an in person class, which she experienced in her Reiki I training. After I reassured her that distance training does work, that I would be constantly in email contact to offer assistance or answer questions, and that she would receive her manual and certificate as pdf files, she enrolled. Here's what she has to say:

I had a wonderful experience with Lynda Lippin and the distance attunement and Reiki II training. Not only was I able to pick up the attunement clearly, it was as if she was directly in front of me. The training was thorough and included many options of different ways to perform distance Reiki. Lynda provided ample opportunities to practice and was easily accesible when needed. If you are skeptical as to whether distance Reiki works, I encourage you to contact Lynda for more information.

Follow @kerrieannfrey on Twitter.

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Reiki Mishmash

I just finished reading an issue of Reiki News Magazine from William Rand's ICRT, and while it was quite interesting and informative, there were some articles that seemed to me to stretch the definition of reiki a bit too far. For example, I cannot recall any of Usui's work including the use of Power Animals or even Reiki Guides at all, and the Guides are definitely presupposed in most of the practices outlined in the magazine.

So this leads me to wonder how we can separate traditional Usui Reiki from these other spiritual constructs without lowering the esteem of either. I believe that they all can coexist happily, but that for people who are not comfortable discussing saints & animal totems pure reiki can suffice. Any thoughts?

Reiki Training Levels

This morning I read an article which claims that there are Four Training Levels In Reiki, basic self and others healing, distance healing with symbols, master training, and master teacher training. I want to point out here that the fourth teaching level is NOT found in traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho as handed down by Usui. Reiki Masters (Level 3) have the ability and knowledge to attune new healers, and that process involves teaching the system. Now it may be that some newer Reiki Masters may need or want a teaching course, especially if they are new to teaching or are uncomfortable speaking in a group setting. But it is a misrepresentation of the system to claim that the teaching course is somehow a new Fourth level of Reiki training.