Scoliosis & Pilates

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In my years of teaching Pilates I have worked with many many clients with scoliosis. Some had full spinal fusions with Harrington rods, and some just managed on their own. Some where professional dancers and athletes who really had to work on their back and core strength in oredr to continue working, and then I also had just regular folks who discovered that Pilates kept them fit, safe, and in less pain.

Curves, Twists and Bends: A Practical Guide to Pilates for Scoliosis is a short introduction to Pilates/pre-Pilates exercises geared to non-exercisers with scoliosis. It is written by a scoliosis patient and her Pilates teacher, the UK based Alan Herdman. While very clear, basic, and simple, the exercises in this book are easy to grasp and easy to perform. They may be small and low impact, but will impact your body in a profound way, especially if you tend to shy away from exercise.

Note that this book is not a comprehensive guide to Pilates for scoliosis. It does not address more advanced Pilates mat and equipment exercises, and is not necessarily geared towards athletes and teacher/trainers. However, if you want a good understanding of scoliosis, it's physical and psychological effects on the individual, and a good quick basic self care program, this book provides all that and more.

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