Full Moon Craziness


Full Moon in Cancer January 2014 - This full moon has kicked my butt! All kinds of craziness.

It all started a few days ago.

I woke up feeling tired, heavy, and spacy. The hubster has been having a moment since last weekend. And suddenly I couldn't sleep, at least not at night.

Then yesterday, in a completely uncharacteristic move, I didn't check my afternoon schedule, fell asleep, and actually missed an appointment! (Luckily I am usually so obsessive and on schedule, my clients give me a pass on the rare occasions that I mess up.)

And I really, deeply, miss my parents.

Now I am having issues with electronic items, public transportation, etc.

Apparently I am not the only one going through something. My friends tell me that this full moon in Cancer has something to do with it.

How about you? Any funky full moon craziness?