Review: Marika Tek Venus Tee and Sanded Dry-Wik Pant


My wear test of Marika. Let's see how the Marika Tek Venus Tee and Sanded Dry-Wik Pant perform in the Pilates studio!

(And see how much Pilates you can actually do in a Cam Walker boot ;).)
3 (out of 5) Stars

Last week the lovely people over at Marika asked me if I would review a top and bottom of my choice from their line of women's fitness clothing. How could I say no?

Marika Clothing Arrives

I chose two basics, the Marika Tek Summer Delight Venus V-Neck Tee in Heather Hawaiian Ocean ($28), and the Sanded Dry-Wik Pant in Black ($55). According to their sizing charts I am a Large, so that's what I requested. They showed up via FedEx one day later (really!).

My initial impression was that the fabric of both items was lovely - soft, silky, stretchy, and light. The shirt has a small Marika logo on the front. The pants are flat front, with a washed suede texture. Like a kid with a new present, I had to try them on immediately.

Note how shirt bunches in back.

And stretches in front :(

How Does Marika Fit?

My concern with most T-shirts is that if they are not cut for DD cup and above women with an allowance for boobs in the front and side, the shirt overstretches in the front and bunches up loosely in the back, like you see here. Not the most attractive look, and so easily avoidable with a few styling details.

And while you can't quite see it in the photo, the pants need to be cut a bit higher or fuller (or both) in the back to allow for a curvy butt. I found that through the course of my teaching day the pants started to slip down my rear.

Wearing Marika for Pilates Teaching and Workout

That said, these were still suitable for work, so I wore them over to Real Pilates the next morning for a few hours of teaching and some self-Pilates. Aside from the above mentioned pant slippage, the Marika clothing was comfortable and dried quickly.

Here I am doing some Pilates (thanks to Liz Torres for taking the photos).

Always good to start with the Hundred. Note the ankle weight to balance the boot!

I crave extension right now. Yay for the high barrel!

The tree is a fave. Great ab work, hip, back extension.

No gaps, no strange pulling or creasing, and I am able to work through a full torso range of motion in this outfit, no problem!

We washed and dried both, and they did well in the laundry except for the the Marika logo on the Tee, which started peeling off after the first wash.

My Two Cents

Had I purchased these items, I would most likely keep the pants and return the shirt with this note.

Dear Marika,

Assuming that Marika wants to include us curvier ladies in their expanding customer base, you need to address the cut of your clothing. T-shirts need boob room without leaving us over stretched in the front and accordion-folded in the back. A longer shirt with some Lycra is not enough! Pants need a wee bit more room in the rear to avoid slipping and gapping.

And enough with the logos. I know whose clothing I bought, and the logo peels off anyway.

Your fabrics and colors are so wonderful that if you simply addressed this styling issue, I know your customer base would increase!

And no, not all of us curvy girls care to wear compression pants, which may or may not be cut different. I don't know as I like to be able to breathe when I'm out.



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