Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter


Four Indoor Exercises to Try This Winter (other than Pilates)

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With winter approaching, exercise often has to take a backseat. Driving wind and howling rain might not deter erstwhile fitness enthusiasts, but those who struggle to motivate themselves often feel otherwise.

However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t really something to just pick up and put back down. Although any effort towards staying fit and keeping in shape should be commended, experts like SuperBody recommend that the best way to make a lasting difference to your health and well-being is to stick to it.

So how can you combat those winter blues and stop all of your hard work from going to waste? If you need a little help, here are four great indoor exercises, other than Pilates, that you might want to try…


The perfect indoor pursuit, yoga is a fabulous way to relax and unwind after a long day at work, and it has the added bonus of helping to tone and define bodies in need of some shaping. Most local gyms will offer classes for those who would like to give it a go. Alternatively, if you’re a little self-conscious, there are lots of fabulous DVDs and YouTube tutorials around to educate you.

Indoor Interval Training

If yoga is a little tame for you, and you’d prefer to up the ante, then consider attending some indoor interval training at a local gym. Designed to really make you work, interval training is guaranteed to get you sweating. It uses a number of different muscle groups, helping to burn calories, shape, tone, define, and improve your overall health and fitness.


Running is always popular, yet most people view it as an outdoor pursuit. During the summer, a long jog in the park can feel like an idyllic way to end the day, but when the wind is howling and cold nips at your fingers and toes, lots of people would prefer to curl up by the fire and relax. Don’t give in to temptation; swap tarmac for a treadmill to maintain your stamina, burn some calories, and keep your heart healthy.

Dance Cardio

A lot of people find it hard to stay motivated when they exercise alone, and this means that a good old-fashioned group class can be a godsend. Enter aerobics. Fun, communal, and high-energy, it’s an ideal way to burn some calories, have a good laugh with your friends, and work up a sweat to shed those pounds.

Give these great indoor exercises a go today.

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Episode 1 - Teaching Out of Your Comfort Zone
Wednesday, September 17, 3:00 – 5:00pm
There is a lot of call for trainers who will travel. This travel can be domestic or international, and includes subbing in other studios or in hotels/resorts, making outcalls of any kind (to hotels, private homes, or to train an entire family), picking up traveling clients or short-term residents, and traveling with a client.  We will also discuss how to find overseas positions, including issues regarding work visas, relocation, temp work, and the dangers of “working fitness vacations”.

The Traveling Pilates Teacher


As a Traveling Pilates Teacher you must be organized, on time, and ready for anything!

In my workshop on how to handle traveling as a Pilates teacher, it was clear to me how little most Pilates, fitness, and yoga teachers really know about working in other studios, cities, states, and countries.

Yet, demand is growing for teachers willing to travel.

What are some things to consider as a potential Pilates Nomad?

How long is your commitment? Hours, days, years... have everything clear. Maximum hours per day, maximum days per week... it is all important.

Who pays travel costs and expenses? To and from at beginning and end of contract and for annual vacations.

If out of your home country, what paperwork do you need for a work visa? Don't go into another country as a tourist and then work. You can be arrested, sent home, and banned from any return visits.

What currency will you be paid in? Are local banks safe? You may need to wire your salary home each month, so be ready to ask.

And before you go, make sure you know what the food, accommodation, and social scene will be like so you are not shocked.

If you take care of the basics, you can then just sit back and focus on teaching and on your experience. You will be more present for your sessions and you and your clients will benefit!

Fitness Yin and Yang


Fitness yin and yang - low intensity mindful exercise (yin) is as important to health, fitness, and weight loss/maintenance as high intensity (yang) training.

All you hear about in fitness news today is high intensity training. Boot camp, tabata intervals, crossfit, P90X, Insanity - all of these tell us that without high intensity exercises all the time we will never lose weight and get in shape.

But what we all need to remember is that our lives tend to be very high intensity and high stress. And we know now that it is this constant stress that causes all kind of physical and emotional problems, from loss of sleep to weight gain to inability to lose weight.

I learned this first hand last year. After all the stress of losing my parents and having a crushed toe while my pilates training schedule exploded with new clients and referrals, I needed to start working out again.

And because I felt fat and yucky, I went right into high intensity work - kettlebells, cardio intervals, and hard TRX. I was constantly sore, didn't sleep well, and the scale did not budge.

So I stopped.

I started giving myself reiki every day, getting on my foam roller to breathe and stretch, and doing gentle pilates. I started walking more. I took a week off for the first time in eight years. And I went for a massage.

And hubby commented recently that I look smaller and less bloated.

This week I added some higher intensity work, with two SpringTone® classes, and I am less sore and am feeling better.

Basically, I needed some cool and calming yin to balance out my warm and intense yang.

Interestingly enough, my acupuncturist says the same thing and that's what he tries to do every week. It just took me a while to figure it out for myself.

Now, not only I as a fitness professional have these issues, so do most of my clients. So I always try to balance their workouts with cool and warm. Here are some examples:

  • Yin: restorative yoga, tai chi, slower pilates, melt method, meditation, body rolling, moderate pace walking, slow weight training
  • Yang: Bikram and ashtanga yoga, intense faster pilates, kettlebells, weight training, running, interval training, crossfit, heavy weight training

Yin and yang.

Review: Five Toe Sandals from ToeSox


On the face of it, I am a very hard sell for Five Toe Sandals.

If you read my review of ToeSox, you know that I tend to not like things in between my toes. In fact, I actually feel claustrophobic doing pilates or yoga in ToeSox.

That said, hubby and I loved the new styles of Five Toe Sandals, so when a review opportunity came up I eagerly jumped in. I tend to like my flip flop-style sandal on the smaller side, with very little extra space at the toe or heel. Hubby is the opposite. Since most reviews say that these run true to size, I ordered the purple Kirra denim sandal in size 8 for myself and the black Bohemian sandal in size 10 for him. Note that I have short wide toes, while hubby has long skinny toes.


Interestingly enough, my sandals are slightly big (for me; for most people they are perfect) and hubby's are a bit small (he likes some extra room at the heel, especially for city walking). So if we order more of these, I will get mine in size 7 and his in size 11. That said, after a few days of acclimation these are now our favorite go-to comfort sandals. Quick run to store, check! Dog walk to Seaport, check! Walk to work, check!

They are also fabulous pedicure shoes, since the toe separation is built in.


But the most interesting part of this review process has been the changes in my feet. I have some residual nerve damage in my right leg from car accidents, and am generally unable to move my right pinky toe at all. Since I have been wearing the Five Toe sandals, I can actually move all of my toes. Now my feet feel extremely constricted in shoes and even standard flip flops.

Hubby loves the fact that the heavy denim dries quickly and doesn't chafe even when wet. And we both love that even with daily wear in all weather, these have never developed that well-known bacterial stink.

The Five Toe Sandals are very comfortable and quite supportive. I cannot believe that I have found a toe separating sandal that hubby and I both love to wear, and even crave the feeling of wearing. They do wear quickly in the city, so I wish for a heavier duty sole and a denser foot bed for longer lasting urban wear. That said, kudos to the folks at ToeSox for convincing us that toe separation is a good thing!