adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue and Hormone Imbalances


An Update

I Am So Tired

Seriously, I am exhausted on multiple levels. Adrenal exhaustion combined with lack of sleep from a hormone imbalance and Smiley (dog) stress have left me depleted. Depleted enough to not blog for a few weeks :).

Adrenal Fatigue and Exhaustion

To address the adrenal fatigue and exhaustion I have upped my intake of Vitamin C, Bs, and Magnesium. I am also taking Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health, which contains adaptagenic herbs such as rhodiola and holy basil.

For exercise I am doing mellow Pilates, walking, and some light kettlebell work. Anything too taxing takes a while to recover from.

Hormone Imbalance

We also made major changes to my bio-identical hormone replacement, taking away some estradiol and all the testosterone, while increasing progesterone, estriol, and DHEA. I am already sleeping better and require fewer naps and less caffeine.

Dog Incontinence

And Smiley is in a good treatment for her bladder incontinence, which is caused by a progression in her kidney disease. Lots of medication and an in-house doggie diaper later, and she (therefore we) is (are) doing better. Thank the universe for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance! They deal with every claim within 3 days and we are reimbursed within a week.

Self Care

Additionally, I started meditating, had some acupuncture, a facial, and we are going on holiday to Mystic, CT. The best part about the trip? No driving! We are taking the train and staying at the Hilton by the Aquarium and the Olde Mystic Village,  which is only a mile from the Seaport but also has an hourly shuttle to town and the Seaport.

Smiley gets a holiday too, as she gets to board with her friends at The Wagging Tail.

Mala Beads and Buddhist Meditation

I received a beautiful set of Buddhist jewelry from Earth Therapy products. The Buddha necklace is a reminder to be present. The 1/4 mala bracelet allows me to focus on the beads while meditating, even for a short moment. Plus they are beautiful and come in a lovely gift (or in my case, travel) bag.


And at least I will have few slow weeks in August to recover more before my schedule goes back to normal (increases 25-30%) in the fall.

That said, if you would like some time with me, August is a great time to get some hours with me that are not normally available. Hit me up!

In other news, I reached 10,000 Twitter followers and am taking an Instagram course in August. Look out!