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Get A Bikini Body Like Raica Oliveira

I am very very excited about my recent exposure to the world as Sports Illustrated swimsuit and Victoria's Secret lingerie model Raica Oliveira's favorite Pilates and Fitness teacher by OK! Magazine's Natalie Livingstone. In this week's column, "Trilbey and Natalie reveal how to get Raica Oliveira's bikini body", the style mavens unveil my

fool-proof exercise and nutrition plan guaranteed to hone the most unlikely figures into bikini bodies.

Using a combination of weights, intensive cardio sprints and pilates, Lynda’s regime can shave off inches and drop at least 5 pounds in one week.

We caught up with Raica who had just returned from strutting her stuff at Brazil Fashion Week. She told us: “Lynda devises a range of fabulous Pilates-inspired routines that make me strong, toned and flexible without ever building bulk. She's my first port of call when I have a swimwear shoot on my agenda.”

I like women to be healthy, curvy, and strong. In creating a workout plan I take into account each person's body type, exercise preferences, and goals. For example, models must never gain or lose significant inches anywhere, as that will affect their clothing size and they are paid to be a consistent size.

Anyway, this is the first of a series of articles outlining a few of my exercise and diet programs that will help anybody get into their best shape!