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Pilates Advice from Lynda - Ageless Sisters Radio


I had the absolute pleasure to be today's guest with Jackie Silver and Cynthia Rowland on The Ageless Sisters.

Unfortunately Cynthia was unable to join us, but Jackie and I had a great time discussing the history of Pilates, why exercise is so important as we age, and even the recent research regarding the correlation between blood type and risk of heart disease.


I also shared three tips to carry and increase your pilates workout throughout your day.

1. Think about your posture all the time – pull in your stomach and squeeze the buttocks!

2. Make sure to breathe during the day and especially during exercise.

3. Do exercises standing up – a “weight-bearing” exercise means exercising while standing on your feet. A perfect example of this would be doing squats (sitting down and getting repeatedly 5-10 times).

Listen and contact me with any questions!