Swiss Villa - The Best Cheese & Butter!


Swiss Villa Has the Best Cheeses & Butter!

I get tons of review requests every week from food suppliers. Seriously. And most of them I ignore. Really, how many protein bars, protein shakes, green juices, chips, and similar products can a person ingest? I am so glad I didn't ignore the email from Philip Lehman of Swiss Villa, LLC, makers of organic raw cheeses, butter, honey, and other yummy foods in PA's Amish country.

Just before Hanukkah, a refrigerated box arrived at my house. It was a big box of cheese and butter. Seriously, they sent me one of just about every cheese they make. Goat, cow, and sheep. Cave aged and regular. I received everything from a funky cave-aged smoked blue to a mellow, mild gouda and havarti. As you can see in the photo above, I had an entire shelf of my refrigerator full of raw milk cheese.

A Moment of Unfounded Intimidation

I have to admit to a moment of intimidation. I have an iffy relationship with raw milk cheeses, as they can often be too salty, too funky, or too tangy. So I started with cheeses that I usually love.

The first two caved aged cheesethat I tried were that cave-aged clothbound cheddar you see in front, and the plain blue just behind it. Both were so good, we couldn't wait to try more! My intimidation was completely unfounded.

Here is a good close up of that aged cheddar. Not too salty, a little dry but still creamy, and slightly sharp and funky.

The blue is equally yummy. Once again, not too salty, but creamy and funky in a way that I decided to pair with some good steak!

Suddenly, we were excited. Mac and cheese, grilled cheese, charcuterie with cheese, and omelets with cheese all beckoned.

swiss villa grilled cheeseBest Grilled Cheese

We started with homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

This is two flavors -

Baby swiss with herbed jack, and havarti with sharp goat cheddar, both on rye bread from Zabar's on the Upper West side. We added mayo and sliced sweet tomatoes.

And finally, we grilled them in the fresh butter. Yum!

Macaroni and Cheese

Then we went for macaroni and cheese.

For this first one, we used a blend of smoked and sharp goat and cow cheddars. Once again, so great! Here is the finished product, with breadcrumbs.

Swiss villa mac and cheese

So far, we have sampled at least 12 cheeses, including feta, havarti, herbed jack, blue, various cheddars, and gouda. Every single one has been delicious. Every. Single. One.

So go to Swiss Villa, and get yourself some fabulous cheeses! And while you are there, scope out the honey, maple syrup, eggs, meats, and do not forget the butter!