Great Gut Prebiotic Fiber Review & Giveaway


Great Gut Works!

Fiber is a crucially important part of our diet. Seriously, fiber is what bulks up our stools so that they pass easily, allowing us to process nutrients and handle waste efficiently. Our contemporary diet contains precious little fiber, especially in the US, where produce consumption is down while fast food consumption is up!

What Is PreBiotic Fiber?

Prebiotics are a special class of functional food ingredients that resist digestion in the stomach and are selectively fermented in the colon. They stimulate the growth of the good bacteria in our gut that have been associated with positive health benefits, particularly in combination with a gut health diet. Note that probiotics are the good bacteria. Great Gut Prebiotics stimulate the growth of probiotics as they add fiber.

Unlike psyllium, and other purely bulk producing fiber supplements, prebiotic fiber mixes easily in hot or cold water, without making them slimy and weird. Plus, they promote regularity while balancing out your gut flora, which is always a good idea.

The Great Gut Promise

I found this product during a search for a fiber supplement that was unflavored and wouldn't turn everything I mixed it with into a gross slimy gel. Great Gut promised easier bowel movements, a healthy gut, no flavor, and easy blending. Plus, you get a good number of servings in the tub.

Great gut

The Good: The dose is small. Just a small scoop (1t). Blends easily, especially into warm beverages, soups, and warn cereals, so you can have fiber in your coffee or tea! Very little flavor. What is there is a bit sweet, but unnoticeable in most foods. I have tried it in chili and soup, as well as oatmeal and yogurt, and no noticeable taste. Bowel movements are definitely better - easier, more formed, more regular.

The Bad: It doesn't always dissolve well in colder liquids, but is fine in cold yogurts and puddings. So really, not so bad.

I don't use Great Gut all of the time, as I have a pretty good whole foods diet with tons of fiber, but I use it as needed and it always works, in a very gentle and efficient way.

The Great Gut Giveaway

Two of my fabulous readers will win a tub of Great Gut! And hey, when you try it, please leave a Great Gut review on Amazon and let folks know your experience. It helps!

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Are You Eating Enough Fiber? Enter to Win A Box of GoMacro Thrive Bars


Are you eating enough fiber? Here are some great ways to make sure you are eating enough to stay regular, and enter to win a box of GoMacro Thrive Bars

Fiber is crucial to our gastro-intestinal health. Without enough fiber our stools do not pass easily, leading to all kinds of complications ranging from constipation, bloating and abdominal pain to impacted stools that require medical intervention. Plus, straining to poop can cause issues with pelvic floor function, hemorrhoids, and diverticulitis (pockets in the lower intestine that can become inflamed). At the end of this post, please enter to win a mixed box of GoMacro Thrive Bars, which will help you get your daily fiber.

What is fiber?

Basically, fiber is indigestible plant matter that helps bulk up our stools for easy passage. In addition, fiber helps feed the pre- and pro-biotics in our guts that keep our immune systems on track.

We generally get insoluble fiber (which bulks when mixed with water) from produce, especially the skins of fruits and vegetables. We also get it, as well as soluble fiber (which gels when mixed with water), from whole grains, nuts, and seeds, especially from the outer layers. This is why so many fiber supplement products are made from ground psyllium husks - an inexpensive source of plant fiber.

Fiber keeps us feeling full, slows the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, and helps lower LDL cholesterol in addition to its awesome affect on our gut health.

How to get enough fiber

I eat a lot of vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, and grains. Due to my diverticulosis (precursor to diverticulitis), it is important that I get a lot of fiber, so I also supplement.

Psyllium Husks

I always have a bottle of Konsyl in the cabinet. Konsyl has the most fiber per serving of any other brand. I use the unflavored plain ground psyllium husks. For breakfast I toss a teaspoon into my Shakeology to boost the fiber, and sometimes I toss another into soup, yogurt, or cottage cheese later in the day. It all helps!

Fiber-enhanced Yogurt

Dannon's Oikos Triple Zero and Chobani's 100 greek yogurts are protein-packed, sugar-free, and contain at least 5g of fiber in a serving. If you add 1/3 cup of Kind clusters for a yogurt and granola mix, you up that to 11 grams without having to supplement anything. And it tastes like dessert!

GoMacro Thrive Bars

I have reviewed GoMacro bars before and loved them, so I was thrilled to try a mixed-flavor box of their new Go Macro Thrive bars. These bars are organic, non-GMO, vegan, low glycemic, kosher, gluten-free, and soy-free. They are made from a superfood ancient grain blend, provide plenty of protein, and are under 200 calories. And they taste great!

With flavors like Almond Apricot, Ginger Lemon, Caramel Coconut (my favorite), and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, to name a few, how could you possibly go wrong?

Enter below starting at midnight on 10/30/16 to win yourself a box of assorted Thrive bars (msrp $26.28). The contest runs through 11/6/16. I will email winner and announce here.

And if you just can't wait to try them, head on over to GoMacro and use code Thrive30 for 30% off!

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