Fitness Trainers Should Help, not Hurt

This morning I woke up, made my coffee and breakfast, and sat down to check my email, Facebook, and Twitter streams. My good friend Erin wrote to me to say that she tried to take a kettlebell class at her gym but couldn't make it through the warm up to picking up a bell. Then she told me the kicker, that the teacher prefaced the class by saying, "this class might kill you". Statements like that really piss me off. First off, a group fitness class should be assumed to be mixed level, which means giving a workout good enough for the advanced but approachable enough for the beginner. Second, a trainer's job is NOT to kill people, but to help them get stronger and more fit. Third, I am failing to understand why a kettlebell class wouldn't incorporate the bells into the warm up.

I teach mixed level classes every single day and manage to give kettlebell exercises to a group that may include pro athletes and grandparents who all get a good workout.