how to charge for pilates

How to Charge for Pilates - Sessions, Packages, Monthly


How to Charge for Pilates for Teachers and Studios - Sessions, Packages, Monthly? A guide...

Once you decide how much to charge, based on the simple calculations in my Pricing Pilates post, then you need to decide how to charge for pilates.

1. Per session or package.

Historically, Pilates teachers and studios charge either by the session or in a discounted package. If you do this, you must be sure that the package price is what you need to earn.

For example, I charge $160 per session, or $1440 for ten. Most of my clients buy ten, since the savings is significant. Sessions are pre-paid and it easy to charge for late cancels and no shows.

The downside is that if people go away or are less frequent, you will wait longer for the next payment, which can be a budgeting problem.

Some studios and teachers offer 5 session, 10 session, and 20 session packages. I just need to keep things simple for myself.

2. Per month.

I am strongly considering a shift to monthly billing for steadier income. This model can be a bit more complex at the beginning, but I think the benefits can outweigh the extra work.

Under the monthly model I would charge each client monthly for a certain number of sessions. Those sessions will not "roll over" - if they are not used they are gone. Any additional sessions over the minimum will be charge at the end of each month. Paypal, as well as other processors, will handle auto-billing.

So, for my clients who come in 2-3 times per week (8-12 sessions per month), I would charge them monthly for 6 sessions (at my current lowest price that would be $864). At the end of each month charge for any extras.

For a client who comes once per week, I would set up an auto-bill for 3 sessions per month.

My commitment will be to ensure the client gets the minimum sessions in a month, even if some are by video chat.

The down-side to auto-billing is you will pay some processing fees to the bank or service. However, the steady income that comes whether your client is there or not may make the 2-3% loss worth it. I do know some teachers who charge their clients the extra percentage for the convenience of using a card, so that is also an option.

Do you use one or more of these methods? Do you have a billing method outside of these examples? I would love to hear about it!