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Martial Artist Reviews My Pilates for Back Pain Audio



This is from Scott Taylor, Karate and Kickboxing Instructor as well as editor of the Uechi-ryu Journal.

I recommend this audio program to anyone looking to rid themselves from back pain and who does not wish to leave the comfort of their own home to do so. Lynda's voice is soothing and her instructions are crystal clear and so easy to follow!

Change your life like I am doing~ I have been following Lynda on my iPod for about a week now and am blown away by the difference it is making!

Simply put – Do NOT spend a dime on any books or videos to ease your back pain until you listen to Lynda's audio program!

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Happy Mother's Day Sale


Happy Mother's Day To All the Beautiful Moms!

It is a gorgeous and sunny Sunday in NYC, after a full day of cold rain yesterday. I feel so much better with nicer weather! If you are a Mom, to children or to fur babies, I hope you all are having a fabulous Mother's Day!

My Mom passed in 2013, and every year since I find Mother's Day to be particularly melancholy. However, as time passes things do get a bit easier. This year, I at least get to teach some Pilates and weight training to my Skype clients! Teaching Pilates always makes me feel better.

Happy Mother's Day Sale

In honor of all the hardworking Mom's I know, here are some one day Mother's day sales for you. Just click the links to purchase:

One Skype/Facetime Pilates Session for just $60 - For folks who cannot into the studio to see me, because you are not in NYC or because I am generally booked in the studio, I can teach you via Skype or Facetime. All you need is a device with a video camera and a streaming internet connection. No code needed.

As my client Sunni Almond says, "I do want to let you know that her vision through the computer is 20/15...she can SEEEEE." 

And from Laura Lynn Harry, "I would have NEVER believed it was possible to get a good Pilates session  (let alone an AMAZING session!)  by only having you see me from a camera on my laptop!!!  BUT… it IS possible and each session has been absolutely fantastic… and my body is So happy :-)."

40% off Pilates Audios - My Pilates Audios are effective 30 minute workouts that are helpful for a good general workout, as well neck or back pain. There are four audios to choose from (Back Pain, Neck Pain, Basic Mat, and Ring/Roller. Use code momlove at checkout.

Says Bob Hannum, "I recommend this Pilates for Back Pain Pilates Audio highly! It’s really the best back pain relief I’ve found! And even though she guarantees relief after 2-3 weeks of daily use, I found relief after the first time I did it and every time thereafter. I know it sounds too good to be true! Just try it. If you have chronic back pain as I do you have absolutely nothing to lose!"

40% off Pilates for Back Pain eCourse - This a comprehensive Pilates eCourse that breaks down the entire Pilates Mat series with modifications for Back Pain. Great for anyone with back pain who wants to try Pilates or is trying Pilates, Pilates teachers, fitness trainers, yoga teachers. eCourse includes: 100+ page manual with photos, audios, and videos. Use code momlove at checkout.

From Pilates Glossy“This is so easy to follow and understand, that it as good for the Pilates professional with clients they are stymied by, as well as the layman who just wants to feel better, understand why they hurt, and still want to get a workout. Living life on the couch (or Lazy Boy chair) isn’t good for anyone, so get this eCourse, get moving and feel better.”

40% off Usui Reiki I eCourse - In this Usui Reiki I Ebook class you will learn the history of Reiki, receive a traditional attunement to Reiki (we will set a date and time for this after you purchase), and learn to treat yourself and others. Use code momlove at checkout.

From Kerri Frey, "I had a wonderful experience with Lynda Lippin and the distance Reiki attunement.  Not only was I able to pick up the attunement clearly, it was as if she was directly in front of me.  The Reiki training was thorough. Lynda provided ample opportunities to practice and was easily accessible when needed.  If you are skeptical as to whether distance Reiki works, I encourage you to contact Lynda for more information."

Happy Spring! I Have Lots of News


Happy Spring! I have lots of news to share...

I don't know about you, but to me this winter has felt unending and difficult to endure. I am so happy that Spring appears to be here to stay. Happy Spring, everyone!

To celebrate the season, I went for my eye exam and have new glasses on order. I never wear green, but these green tortoiseshell cat's eyes were the the first pair I tried on and turned out to be the winner!

Transitioning from Pilates Studio to Online

With all this new Spring energy, I decided to take on a few projects that will enable me to work from my laptop and offer my Pilates, Fitness, and Reiki services to more and more people around the world. To that end I joined Amanda Tress' Business Accelerator Workshop, and am working to increase my online engagement, Skype/Facetime teaching, and online Pilates workshops and groups.

I have some special pricing options on all of this for you that I will announce later today!

FASTer Way To Fat Loss

I have been accepted into and have started the first round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss certification. This program combines science-backed Intermittent Fasting protocols, tracking Macro nutrients based on what your activity levels will be in a given day, and solid, effective workouts into an easy-to-follow and continue 6-week format. Be on the lookout for more information.

Live Videos

Facebook Live is a new medium for me, but I am enjoying connecting with friends and followers in a new way. I try to address topics of interest to both Pilates Teachers and clients, including osteoporosis, back pain, diastasis, and more. Follow me on Facebook to see my Live Videos.

See you later on today with some special spring Pilates options! I look forward to helping you.

A More Personal Post - Update on Me!


A More Personal Post - Update on Me!

I was looking through this blog, and realized that I had not written much about me lately. And there is quite a bit happening with me here!

Looking for Expat Opportunities

The most exciting news right now is that I am actively seeking expat work opportunities out of the US. I spent six years out of the country when we worked and lived in Turks and Caicos (on Providenciales and then at Parrot Cay by COMO), moving back to NYC to support my dying parents. They passed in 2013.

Then we didn't really want to move Smiley, who was sick and old, and she passed at the beginning of 2016.

So, now it is just the two of us and our 30# Juniper. And after this presidential election, I am pretty sure that the US is not where I want to spend the rest of my life. If I do decide to stay here, I will most likely move to California.

I have always wanted to explore Asia, and to that end I had a Skype interview last night with a wellness resort on Koh Samui, Thailand. The interview went well, and I look forward to the next steps.

But, as I am also a believer in not overlooking anything, if you know of any opportunities in the Pacific or Indian Oceans (Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand), or CA, please let me know!

Got A Handle on Finances

Finances are tough for me. I hate tracking money, although when I do track money my life is much easier (go figure). After a crisis at the end of December, where we were just dead broke and in the hole, hubby and I have started tracking every penny, and it is working!

Ignoring problems doesn't help. And I have a tendency to just say yes to everything, because I want everyone to be happy. It never works out well.

So now we save receipts and do spreadsheets every week. Bills get paid on time and we know what we are spending. What a relief!

Launched New Six-Week Pilates Programs

In my push to move more of my business online, I launched two separate six-week Pilates programs - Bye Bye Back Pain and Restore Your Core Diastasis Repair. Both are doing well, with the participants feeling better each week.

We are halfway through this first round, with a new round starting next Monday 13 February.

More about Bye Bye Back Pain Program here.

More about Restore Your Core Diastasis Recti Program here.

I am Teaching More Pilates via Skype and Facetime

As I transition to more global thinking, I am focusing more on teaching remotely. There are lots of folks who would like to work with me, most cannot make it to NYC to see me (and now that I only teach 4 days a week it is increasingly difficult to get a studio hour with me), and many are Pilates teachers.

I really can effectively teach people via video - skype or facetime. I just need to be able to see you, which simply means finding a good spot for your device! One of my remote clients is an experienced Pilates teacher who lives in California, and he is seeing changes in his body and how the work feels, as well as learning some new exercises and cues, in just 4 sessions.

And right now I am offering Skype/Facetime sessions to Pilates teachers for only $80 or 5@$360, and to none-teachers for $90 or 5@$400. You really can't beat the price (since a regular private with me is $160) and you get all of the benefit of a great Pilates session.

I am growing to love remote teaching more and more! Contact me using form below to set up your Skype/Facetime sessions.

So, there you have it! My 2017 is, so far, working well. How about yours?

Want to Work with Me? Send Me A Message!

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33% off Skype Pilates Sessions & Digital Downloads Today!

33% off Effective Private Pilates Training in the Comfort of Your Home or Studio

That's right! You can now experience regular Pilates training with me in the comfort of your own home, studio, office, or even hotel room! And for today only, Skype privates and all Pilates downloads are 33% off. This includes gift certificates.

How does Skype training work?

You purchase a package using a link below, and within 24 hours you will have an email from me to schedule your first session. Your location must have space for you to move and an internet connection for Skype to work. I just need to see you, so I can guide and correct you.

Once scheduled, I will send over an info form & liability waiver for you to complete and sign.

1. Skype Pilates Package $400 (save $210)

This Pilates package includes 5 Skype Pilates sessions based on your wants and needs, PLUS one Pilates audio of your choice, to give you practice in between sessions. (retail value $610) Purchase Skype Pilates Package Here

2. Skype Pilates Teacher Package $360 (save $190)

For Pilates Teachers only - This Pilates package includes 5 Skype Pilates sessions and/or business coaching, based on your wants and needs, PLUS one Pilates audio of your choice, to give you practice in between sessions. (retail value $550) Purchase Skype Pilates Teacher Package Here

II. Pilates and Reiki Digital Products are all 33% off

Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

Usui Reiki I eCourse

Pilates Audios

No code needed for these. Discount(s) will show up in your cart! You can go directly to the Pilates download shop here.


Why Pilates Audios Are Awesome

Pilates Audios Are Awesome!

Pilates Audios from an experienced Pilates teacher with great verbal cuing skills can be much more effective and easier to use than videos. No neck strain, no video screen required, and you can even go old school and burn it to CD!

I have four Pilates audios for download: Pilates for Lower Back Pain, Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain, Pilates Basics Mat Class, and Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller. Each costs $10 and is about 30 minutes and offers a quick and easy way to incorporate Pilates into your life wherever you may be.

pilates audios

Pilates Audios Have Clear Verbal Cues

It is important that audios have clear verbal cues, otherwise you will have no idea what you are doing, and could actually hurt yourself.

I have been told that my audios offer clear and to the point instructions, so you will always know what you are doing. This also makes them great for both newbies and Pilates teachers. New teachers will benefit from hearing new ways of cuing or modifying an exercise, while experienced teachers will enjoy a restorative Pilates workout with some possibly new and interesting cues.

Pilates Audios Are Inexpensive

My Pilates Audios are only $10. You download an audio file that you can play on any device or burn to CD. And you can do the workout as often as you like with no additional fees.

Check out the Rave Reviews and Buy Pilates Audios:

Pilates for Lower Back Pain:

I recommend this audio program to anyone looking to rid themselves from back pain and who does not wish to leave the comfort of their own home to do so. Lynda's voice is soothing and her instructions are crystal clear and so easy to follow!

Change your life like I am doing~ I have been following Lynda on my iPod for about a week now and am blown away by the difference it is making!

Simply put – Do NOT spend a dime on any books or videos to ease your back pain until you listen to Lynda's audio program!

Scott Taylor, Karate & Kickboxing Instructor

Buy Pilates for Lower Back Pain Audio Here:Add to Cart

Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain:

O M G, I ssssoooooo needed that neck and shoulder stretch. I get so tight in that area from swimming, which is my main aerobic exercise. I feel 100% better now. Thanks a million, Lynda. I really appreciate the way you bring attention to the subtle details that make such a big differences in the body. That awareness in itself is enlightening.

Martin Kettelhut, PhD, Executive Coach

Buy Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio Here: Add to Cart

Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller:

It is suitable for pretty much any level of exerciser, because you will gain balance, strength, and control, and you can challenge yourself with the moves to make it even more challenging. I used a very firm foam roller, so I didn’t have a cushion or sink into it at all, making the balance parts fairly tough.

Lynda has this really great way of not letting you know that it’s going to be hard, and then it just is! Her cues are easy to understand, eliminating the possibility of not getting it right.

Sunni Almond, Pilates Teacher

Buy Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller Here:Add to Cart

Pilates Basics Mat Class:

Bottom Line: This is a solid, beginner-to-intermediate Pilates mat workout with good instruction. The workout flow is mostly there, the important cues are there, and the workout builds nicely. It's quite handy to have a Pilates workout or two readily available on one's phone or digital device.

Marguerite Ogle, Pilates Teacher & former Pilates Expert

Buy Pilates Basics Mat Class Here:Add to Cart

Not Convinced? Listen to me about why Pilates Audios Are Awesome:

My 50th Birthday Gifts - to You!


It's my 50th birthday on September 22, which is next week, and I thought I would give you all some gifts! What is a birthday without gifts?

Gift One: Free Pilates Basics Mat Class Audio now through 9/22/16 with code BirthdayGift

This is just a nice 40 minute basic Pilates mat class, safe for healthy bodies and a nice introduction to my audio Pilates teaching. If you like it, you can purchase my other audios at half price!

Get the Pilates Basics Mat Class audio Free - use code BirthdayGift

Gift Two: 50% off All Digital Pilates and Reiki Products now through 9/22/16 with code Happy50

Pilates audios for back pain, neck pain, and working with the magic circle and foam roller - $3.50.

The comprehensive Pilates for Back Pain eCourse - $23.50.

My new Usui Reiki I eCourse with distance attunement - $18.50.

Just go to my Pilates Store. Use code Happy50

Gift Three: 50% off Distance Reiki and Skype Pilates now through 9/22/16 when pre-purchased via Paypal

Use the buttons below to purchase your sessions, and I will email you within 48 hours to schedule your session(s).

Skype Pilates 50% off thru 9/22/16

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