Reiki & Massage Help Troubled Boys In the UK

First I saw this headline in my Google Blog alert for Reiki--

Relax ... head massage and reiki help boys stay out of trouble

And the blog post referred me to the original article in The Guardian.

As reported by Lucy Ward, several "troubled youth" programs in the UK are experimenting with alternative therapies, including reiki, massage, golf, and cooking lessons. According to Ward, "A national programme of activities for youngsters in the most deprived parts of England has seen boys queueing to try natural relaxation techniques, and reporting feeling calmer, more focused and less angry as a result. The aim is to offer youngsters alternative healthy activities besides traditional options such as football."

The boys are asking for more Reiki, and the parents love it because they boys are calmer and are actually ready for bed by 10pm!

David Humphreys, a manager overseeing one of the projects, said, "These young people don't know they have pockets of stress in their bodies but they certainly know when they have had a head massage or reiki that something is a lot different. They said they felt freer and a lot more awake and more focused, and since then they have come back for more."

One 14 year old boy named Mark, specifically discussing Reiki, says, "they massage you and do lots of mad stuff over your head. Afterwards you feel really drowsy and relaxed".

Other countries should take note!