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Review of Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio


I've used your audio a few times, now. My neck and shoulders feel pretty good! Your voice and directions are easy to understand, and it is brief and simple enough that I am not at all daunted to fire it up and do a quick session in the mornings. I think it helps me start the day with better posture at the computer, too. I'm eager to see what long-range effect it has on my neck, since I have a tendency towards forward-head posture... All in all, I think people will like and benefit from this product. I hope you're marketing this and your other MP3's to people at risk for repetitive stress injuries working at the computer--that would be a great target market. Very good job! Best, Beverly

Pilates is really great for relieving neck and shoulder pain and tension while also strengthening your muscles to hold you in alignment and out of pain.

This Pilates For Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio, along with others, is available for instant purchase and download for just $20.


Celebrate Summer!


Celebrate Summer! New Logo - Cute Juniper Peanut Video - Half-off Pilates eCourses & Audios Today Only - Summer Appointments Available - Half-off Skype Pilates Sessions

Summer is finally and officially here and we are very happy at my house.

I am very happy with my new logo. What do you think? My website is also being revamped as I type this. Let's celebrate summer!

1. Celebrate Juniper Peanut's Video of the Week

Juniper Peanut continues to come out of her shell and delight us! Here she is showing off her new doggie trick - a full 360-degree turn on her back legs.

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Thanksgiving Cyber Monday Half-price Sale

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Pilates Audios

I love using fitness audio products. As long as the teacher is good at verbal cuing, which I am, I find audios to be less distracting and more convenient than videos.

My Pilates audios, which are complete half-hour workouts, were sparked by a client request. They are regularly $10 each, and are suitable for all levels. You can play them on any device (ipod, phone, etc.), audio player (iTunes, etc.), or go old school and burn onto a cd.

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Reiki eCourses are slightly different. You receive an ebook, and then contact me for your attunement, support, and certificate.

More info on Reiki eCourse here.

More info on Pilates for Back Pain eCourse here.

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Review: Pelvic Clock Device for Back Pain


The Pelvic Clock® Device is brilliant for those of us with unstable pelvises and back pain.

A few months ago I received an email from the folks behind what was to become my new favorite little exercise device, the Pelvic Clock®. And I did not answer right away.

I thought, "This little gadget is small, expensive, and what good could it really do?" After all, I have lots of small gadgets and rollers at home to help me feel better. Did I really need another thing?

But they were persistent, and I ultimately said yes. Now I wouldn't want to be without it.

What Is The Pelvic Clock® Device?

Basically. the Pelvic Clock is a small (6.5" across, 2" deep) dome made in the US out of rubber, with an imprint of the human sacrum in the top. When positioned correctly, your sacrum is supported in the device with a little bit of traction. The basic lower back exercises are simple - flexion/extension, side to side, and circles (the pelvic clock exercise), followed by some diagonal stretches.

The first time I did the basic series, my SI joint was out, and it popped back in! Then I had hubby, who has a spondylolisthesis with herniated discs, get on it, and his back adjusted and felt better.

Feeling cheeky, I brought it over to the studio one day for my colleague Tori to try out, and her back happened to be out. It adjusted during our session and by the next day she felt 80% better. If she had to see the chiropractor, that one visit would have cost the full amount of the Pelvic Clock.

Meet Yana

Yana Blinova is a Lenin Scholar, with Master's Degree in Exercise Science. She is also a former gymnast, who coached both the Soviet Army Rhythmic Gymnastics Team and the underdog Italian Olympic Team, who managed to win a silver medal in the 1992 World Championships and placed 4th at the Atlanta games. Did I mention that she is also blind?

In the 1990s, Yana’s doctors recommended an invasive spinal surgery to repair her back injuries and ailments: spondylolysis, spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, lumbar spinal stenosis, and sciatica. She wanted to avoid surgery and did, using this device! She invented this in her tiny NYC kitchen.

I met Yana a couple of weeks ago when she came to visit me at Real Pilates, where we shot some videos of the device in use, with me and Yana teaching my colleague, Bridget Casey-Insana.

Good for More Than Just Lower Back Pain

As I learned while working with Yana, the Pelvic Clock Device can be used for the pelvis in supine, sitting, and standing (against a wall) positions. It can also help the upper back, shoulder girdle, and feet. In addition, there are several standing exercises that will help with balance and stability, including lunge and squat variations.

Because you can use it standing, it is safe for pregnant women and for folks who cannot get up and down from the floor. It can also be used in bed.

Note that to really be effective, you need to do the exercises daily for a while. But at least they take 10 minutes at home, versus going out to a PT or chiropractic session.

Pilates and the Pelvic Clock Device

I saw immediately where this device could be used in Pilates - the Corkscrew exercise being an obvious choice.

I highly recommend this device to Pilates teachers and personal trainers, both for your own back and your clients. It is so small and light that I can toss it in my purse! And they offer bulk pricing for direct orders.

Bridget felt so much better after this shoot!

Here is a playlist of some videos, including the basic exercises, the foot strengthening exercises, and the Pilates Corkscrew.

Master Pilates Teacher Lynda Lippin, teaching Diagonal stretch for SI Joint Sacroiliac dysfunction to Pilates Teacher Bridget Casey-Insana

Why I Do Pilates


I realized today that I have been doing Pilates since 1986/7, which is a solid 30 years. Pilates feels like home to me. It is so familiar, but can be so different depending on whether I have a teacher and on how my body is doing.

But in the end I can boil my love affair with Pilates down to just a few words.

I do Pilates to maintain stability in my hypermobile joints, while maintaining healthy joint and spine mobility.

I do Pilates to maintain control over my body and how it feels and functions.

I do Pilates to continue breathing deeply as I move, and to continue to move with flow and ease.

And I do Pilates to stay strong, centered, and balanced both physically and mentally.

Basically, I want to be able to comfortably sit down and stand up from the floor, which is apparently the hallmark of how long I will live. I also want to be able to pick up heavy things and move them up, down, and around. I want to put my own bag in the overhead compartment! And I want to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.

Additionally, I want to have some fun and do things that are hard but cool (semi circle and tendon stretch on the reformer, anyone?). I want to feel my spine move, but in a supported and safe way.

And, I would like to have all of this with no accompanying back, neck, or joint pain. Beautiful posture is lovely, as are toned abs and a nice tush, but not with pain.

I have had enough physical pain in my life. Broken bones, car accidents, boat accidents, surgeries, shingles 3x on my sciatic nerve, the crushed toe that wouldn't knit and had me in a boot for 5 months, the pelvic pain from endometriosis and the surgeries for that, have all given me a healthy respect for pain.

That's me doing tree with the boot on.

Why anyone would want to exercise in any way that would cause or increase pain is beyond me. The no pain thing, to me, is non-negotiable.

I am thrilled to be as functional and strong now as I was 30 years ago, if not even stronger.

If you are experiencing physical or emotional challenges in your exercise life, I highly recommend giving Pilates a try. It may the perfect solution for you!

Why do you do Pilates? Leave a comment and let me know!

PS - If you want to try my safe and effective Pilates Audio workouts for Back or Neck Pain (downloadable files that you can play on any device or computer, or burn onto disc), they are on sale today 35% off, along with my Pilates for Back Pain eCourse and new Usui Reiki I eCourse. No code. YOu will see the discount in your cart.

PPS - Here is free video of some pre-Pilates fundamentals for back pain.


When Pilates Hurts Your Neck

OK, with our wifi down I am sending this from my Blackberry via email.

I had an interesting Pilates mat class this morning. Only one person who does mat class at home but it is making her neck and back pain worse. She goes because her friend teaches the class.

The first thing I noticed was that in an attempt to keep a neutral pelvis she was tightening her entire back to shove her ribs up. Her abs were barely engaging even with her head and legs up!

So we worked on relaxing the ribs and letting them move. She felt her abs, her neck was better, and all the exercises that had been impossible were at least in the realm of possible!

Pilates shouldn't hurt. If it does you need a new approach and/or a new teacher.