plastic surgery

The Changing Face and Body


We live in a time of the changing face and body. What do people really look like? Your guess is as good as mine.

I can remember a time before plastic surgery was everywhere. Seriously, I do remember how it would be big news when a celebrity had a face lift, tooth whitening, or an eye or nose job. People would look drastically different.

Nowadays, with better techniques and many more non-surgical options, people start to have small pre-emptive procedures so that we never actually know how they would look and age naturally. There are now stand-alone cosmetic surgical centers where men and women can change how they look in a day, or even an hour.

When I was in graduate school and then teaching Pilates, I saw a lot of women with Botox in Philadelphia. I would notice not only the distinct lack of lines, but also the inability to move the face and emote as much as before.

Two good friends had liposuction in Philadelphia, and I have to say that they both looked fabulous after. It is a painful procedure, no matter what people tell you, but for them it was worth it.

And then a couple of my male clients decided to go for Hair Transplant in Philadelphia. If you have the money and time for a good transplant, it really works and can look quite natural. Don't bother with, as my mom used to say, "cheap plugs". It is not a good look!

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Breast Surgeon Recommends Reiki

I just read a great article in Psychology Today about reiki as a treatment for women in all stages of breast cancer treatment. According to Reiki practitioner Raven Keyes,

Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, the Chief of Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Dr. Feldman is sending his patients to me, because he has witnessed firsthand the remarkable difference in outcome when a woman facing breast cancer receives Reiki as part of her treatment.

She even joins him in the Operating Room,

I give her Reiki all during her time in the OR, because it has been found that there is much less bleeding, blood pressure remains steady and healing is speedier when Reiki is added to the surgery procedures.

See, even though we don't know as yet how or why Reiki works, we know simply that it does!