Deozein Natural Deodorant Review and Giveaway


Deozein Natural Deodorant Actually Works!

I don't know about you, but I like to use deodorant. Given the fact that I live in NYC, where there are many warm bodies packed into small spaces, body odor is an issue. I figure that if I hate smelling other people's funk, nobody needs to be smelling mine.

Basically, underarm odor does not come from sweat itself. It comes from bacteria, so if you can manage to stop or slow down the bacteria from growing in the first place, you will not smell. This means that the best time to put on any deodorant is right after you bathe.

Most deodorants either work by masking the body odor with perfume (Old Spice, for example), or by adding an aluminum-based antiperspirant, which closes your sweat glands. Neither of these seems ideal.

Over the past few decades, I have tried many natural deodorant products, none of which has ever worked. I tried crystals, pastes, Tom's of Maine, and others. So when the folks at Source Vital Apothecary contacted me about reviewing their Deozein Natural Deodorant product, I was hesitant.

"Why bother?," I thought. "They never work!"

Bdeozein zestut then I read some reviews, and took a look at the product page. Deozein is made from:

  • Mineral Salts – Cleansing, purifying
  • Algae extract – Remineralizing, purifying, cleansing
  • Aloe Vera extract – Soothing, calming
  • Lavandin essential oil – Soothing, light herbal scent
  • Patchouli essential oil – Soothing, calming, earthy smell
  • Sage Spanish essential oil – Deodorant
  • Tea Tree essential oil – Purifying, cleansing
  • Cajeput essential oil – Purifying, cleansing you would
  • Lemon essential oil – Cleansing, softening, deodorant
  • Pine essential oil – Purifying, cleansing

And Deozein Zest has the same basic ingredients, with a minty citrus scent (I prefer Zest).

The mineral salts and algae extract have strong antibacterial properties, as do several of the essential oils. Deozein works so well for me that now hubby, who has used Old Spice deodorant for over 50 years, has switched. I once went 3 days without a shower when I was sick, and even then I didn't stink!

At only 2 sprays needed per armpit, I have been using Deozein daily for over a month and still have more than half of a 1 oz. bottle left. How economical is that?


Source Vital also sells great lip balms, skin care products, and essential oils. Today's giveaway is for some of my favorites - Deozein, Deozein Zest, Cucumber Eye Cream, and Lip Balms. You may enter daily to win. Good luck!

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Review: 28 Day Challenge by Robert Brace


Hubby and I found this 28 Day Challenge fitness plan, developed by my friend and fellow NYC fitness trainer Robert Brace, to be a balanced fitness and nutrition plan that is relatively easy to follow and offers both quick and lasting results.

Sometimes you just hit a wall and need something new, fun, and different to get excited about working out again. A few months ago, hubby and I hit that wall. He lost about 50 pounds but really needed to exercise. I had just restarted my bio-identical hormone replacement therapy after a period of imbalance during which I gained about 35 pounds. So we had completely different goals out of this program.


And in case you are wondering, even us master trainers need other people to kick our butts every once in a while. Sometimes it is so much energy to train our clients and handle our business that we would like to let someone else worry about our workouts for a little while.

I train clients along with Robert Brace, head trainer for Food TV's Fat Chef in Soho at Grasshopper Pilates and I would see him taking his clients through the same workouts that he uses in the 28 Day Challenge. My direct experience of him combined with the positive impression we both had of Brace after watching Fat Chef sparked my initial interest in this home program that I thought hubby and I could do together. The family dynamic is not always conducive to fitness training, so we prefer to bring outside trainers in.

We had a few parameters - no more than 30-45 minutes of exercise 3-4 days a week, no buying new equipment (we had mats and some light weights already), the system should retail at less than $100, and the exercises must be functionally and biomechanically sound (I am a highly regarded trainer, after all), and no crazy diets. We had already decided to try no gluten, sugar, or dairy to see how we felt.

Well, the diet plan was perfect! Seriously, lots of lean white protein, legumes, vegetables, and some nuts and fruits. We started playing with tilapia, turkey chili, lemon chicken, and all sorts of fabulous produce. Asparagus every meal, salad dressings made with no oil... just lots of great fresh food. We did find that it cramped our going out. After a while just eating salads or chicken was boring, but we figured we could do anything for 28 days and we did.

I lost about 16 pounds in four weeks; discovered how much better I feel eating clean food and not having dairy, gluten, or as much sugar; and while I have added back a little lean beef, raw sugar in my coffee, and gluten-free carbs I still feel great and am still losing weight. Hubby lost a tiny bit, but gained muscle mass. His biceps went up an inch, his waist is smaller, and his thighs and butt are filling out. As a bonus, with all this good food and exercise we are sleeping really well.


Now for the exercise portion. There are four workouts on two DVDs, and each workout is probably about 35 minutes. The earlier workouts take longer, as Brace explains more and interacts a bit more with his clients. The workouts are divided into sections - a quick dynamic warmup, abs, strength, cardio, strength, cardio, cool down. The cardio is high intensity, there is a lot of planking and push ups, lots of good basic exercises like jumping jacks and squats, and Brace is funny, endearing, and commanding all at the same time. He makes you want to push on and continue with him.

"Just think, when you're at work later and your boss is getting on you about something, you will know that you are burning so much more fat than he is! Everyone else is sitting there getting fatter, while you are sitting there burning fat!"

The 28 Day Challenge is a solid, well coached, home exercise program with a healthy diet plan. The exercises are intense, and some are hard on the knees so hubby had to skip or we modified, but you will see progress quickly in strength and coordination. In fact, now hubby can do some of the exercises that hurt his knees at the beginning. The diet is easy if you live in a major city with access to lots of fresh produce and good meat and fish. If not it is still workable, but your options could be limited and that can lead to boredom.

We are now three months out from the Challenge and have maintained our weight loss. While we do not exercise as regularly, we still average two to three times a week which is more than we were doing before. Stick it out! You will be glad you did.

Robert Brace's Supermodel Ballet Body Advanced
Starring AliciaRountree, RobertBrace

Review: Core Fitness Roller and CoreBody Reformer


A review of the Core Fitness Roller (CFR) and CoreBody Reformer

the latest pro and home Pilates Fitness equipment from Nautilus via Annovium

I was so excited when the folks at Annovium - who knew that the CFR is highly effective and that I, as a Pilates instructor, would love it - agreed to send me one to review. It arrived as described, with all parts, and I was able to take it apart and put it back together in less than 5 minutes total.

In case you are wondering what the difference is between the Professional CFR at $349 (click image) Shop Today

and The CoreBody Reformer which Amazon sells for approximately $280 - $249.95 plus $29.95 shipping. CoreBody Reformer

it is in the firmness, and therefore the longevity, of the foam and in the quality of the educational workout DVDs. The Pro CFR is a bit firmer (in fact, I needed an extra pad to cushion my tailbone) and has much better DVDs with much more varied workouts and better technical instruction, but note that they are geared towards pilates and fitness professionals. For purposes of this review, consider the two versions to be the same.

The CFR is basically a firm foam roller with a hollow center compartment that holds a pulley bar with two pulleys that have three resistance levels (3, 6, 9 pounds) and can attach to hands or feet (similar to the straps on a Pilates Reformer). It comes with a detachable carry strap, two legs to keep the roller stable for most exercises, and instructional DVDs. Note that while the CFR is touted as being portable, it is heavy enough to be unwieldy to carry. For instance, I would take a taxi with the CFR to a client instead of walking with it and carrying it up and down the subway steps. I laughed at the video when the teacher carried the CFR up a mountain trail - I think not!

Many of the early exercises involve basic myofascial rolling, and for me the CFR is a bit too firm, which makes rolling my muscles painful. Even my black firm foam roller is softer! The firmness also made me need extra padding for my ankles to squeeze into it for stability in squats with arm work, and for my sacrum and tailbone when doing supine and seated exercises. A folded towel draped over the top works, as does a piece of yoga mat.

That said, the instability of the CFR combined with the ability to work arms and leg in straps against resistance in many different combinations (opposite arm and leg, for one) and in some planes that are helpful and not allowed by the actual reformer (resistance back overhead when supine) makes it a highly effective workout tool. It takes a lot of core strength to do every exercise, but my inner thighs, glutes, and triceps were also crazy sore the next day from the resistance work.

Note that I did not have a great experience with the home consumer CoreBody Reformer DVDs. I found the workout to contain too much forward flexion that caused me some lower back strain, and I was annoyed by the models - three teeny tiny perfectly shaped women in very small lycra outfits who were all teachers and did every exercise perfectly, instead of everyday real women (yes, even most pilates teachers have different bodies). The CFR Professional DVDs were better, but geared to teachers. I recommend YouTube!

Then I went to see Ann Toran at Pilates Reforming NY for a private CFR session, and that was what sold me. Ann took me right through a fabulous workout, and was able to refer back to Pilates exercises and anatomical language that helped me figure out what I needed to focus on in each exercise, and boy did that change the depth and effectiveness of the exercises!

Lynda Lippin Annd Toban Pilates Core Fitness Roller aka CoreBody Reformer

Now I am better able to work with the CFR at home, because I have an idea of how the exercises should feel and what muscles or movement patterns each exercise is supposed to be targeting. If you decide to purchase either a Core Fitness Roller or CoreBody Reforrmer, I definitely recommend taking a private session with a CFR Certified Trainer before going out on your own.

While I highly recommend the CFR for anyone who does Pilates and would like to add equipment resistance work without spending thousands on a reformer, I also encourage Pilates and Fitness teachers to check it out. If you teach Pilates and are looking for a solid and easy to use piece of equipment to use with home clients, or to add to a mat only practice, the CFR is a great find at a great price point.

Here are some examples of basic CFR exercises, which will give you some idea of what you can do with it.