shashi socks

Shashi Socks


Shashi socks are cooling grippy socks for yoga, pilates, and even wearing with shoes.

When Shashi contacted me regarding their socks, I was not very interested. I mean, really, how many grippy socks can we have? So I agreed to look at and try some samples, which arrived within a few days.

They sent me three pair, one white with the big toe separated, one black with no separation, and one nude with sequins. I tried them all!

shashi socksSize

Shashi socks are sized, and you can see above that the nude socks are smaller than the other two pair. I am an 8, which would put me in a medium, but the small actually fits me better. The mediums come up too high on my ankle and bunch a bit at the toes.


I wanted to love the style, but I really don't. The white pair with the big toe separation was so uncomfortable to me (I hate things in my toes and barely tolerate thong sandals), but a gave to a teacher friend who doesn't have that issue and she loves them!

The sole is thinner to allow wearing in shoes (even dress shoes and flats), and the mesh top is breathable.

The socks are made for left and right feet - they are styled for each foot.

The sparkly ones look cute on and are very comfortable.

They work with my Pluggz fold ups - I could see this with pants on.

Sparkly shashi socks


Shashi socks are thin, light, breathable. The bottom of the sock is thin, so you feel the floor or the equipment. They have enough traction to be safe for just about any movements.

I didn't notice a big cooling effect, but my feet do not get extraordinarily hot.

In general, these are fine. I had some toe and bottom of foot bunching in the medium socks, as they are a little too big for my feet.


This is where I think Shashi socks have their biggest problem. One pair costs $16-$18. Yes, I know they are well made, cooling, and grippy, but $18 for one pair of socks? I am not sure that the product justifies that price point.

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