New Year News


New Year News

Pilates appointments available, new partner discounts (Soma, Juil, Real Pilates), and bulk pricing on Pilates audios. Lots of news!


After losing both of parents and crushing my left big toe this time last year, I was happy for that year to end. And I am excited for this upcoming year to begin.

In addition to being generally fully booked as I start my 4th year at Real Pilates, I am teaching workshops and doing coaching in Marketing for Trainers. In addition, I will be a lead trainer in the Real Pilates Teacher Training Program starting in 2015.

Appointments Available

While I generally have a waiting list, I have a few spots available this week and next for one-off private Pilates sessions at Real Pilates in Tribeca or Pilates on Fifth at Bryant Park. And I have one or two openings for standing appointment times!

If you would like a Pilates refresher, a new eye on your practice, or some regular, focused Pilates TLC, please let me know by emailing me or calling 347-462-6932. I am also available for Reiki and TRX/Kettlebell training.

New Partner Discounts

I have partnered with a few brands that are dear to me, and therefore I can offer you some discount codes!

Soma Water - Beautiful glass carafe that fits in the refrigerator and has an all natural coconut husk filter system. So much nicer than that plastic stuff! If discount doesn't apply automatically, use coupon code Lynda10. $10 off a Soma Water System

Juil Shoes - First I fell in love with their sandals, then with their ballet flats, and now the moccasins and boots! Juil shoes are beautifully made, extremely comfortable, and have copper earthing/grounding inserts in the soles to help keep you connected to the planet without going barefoot. They have styles for men and women. Use coupon code LIPPIN15 and receive 15% off your Juils

Real Pilates - If you book online with MindBody, for any class, workshop, or private with any teacher (including me), use code LLGift at checkout and receive an awesome free gift at the desk when you check in. Prefer to call 212-625-0777? Give the code to the front desk and receive the same gift! (New Real Pilates clients only.) Book Real Pilates online and use LLGift

Discounts on Pilates Audios

Each of my pre-recorded Pilates audios is about 30 minutes of exercise and can be played on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Regularly priced at $7.77 each, buy 2 for $14, 3 for $18, or all 4 for $20. Choose from:

  • Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain
  • Pilates for Lower Back Pain
  • Pilates with Ring and Foam Roller
  • Pilates Basics Mat Class

No code needed. Discount will apply automatically! Lynda Lippin Pilates Audios

Thank you for reading! And as we say in the Jewish tradition, L'shana tova - have a sweet New Year.



Marketing 101 for Trainers Part 2 - May 28, 2014


Marketing 101 for Trainers, Part 2 - where Lynda Lippin will teach you how to attract, expand, and maintain your high-end client base.

The easiest way to earn a living doing any form of personal training is to have high income, high paying clients. The more you earn per hour, the fewer hours you need to work to make a comfortable living and the more you can have a life outside of the gym or studio.

But as I talk to my colleagues, I realize that so many trainers are scared to ask for more. So I asked myself,

"What skill sets must trainers have in order to be comfortable and happy asking for high fees and delivering the service and results that justify those fees?"

You know, I didn't always have all of these skills. I learned by trial and error (mostly by error).

But you don't have to struggle! You can learn from my mistakes.

I now train clients less than 35 hours per week. 32 of those hours are filled with recurring, standing appointments so I am able to actually do financial projections and budgets. Whether they are Real Pilates clients or my own privates, these clients pay well over $100 per hour for my time and are happy to have the opportunity. When someone lets go of a recurring time, it is typically filled within 48 hours.

Did I mention that I no longer work weekends? That I travel very little between studios? That I teach only one class, and that is for fun because I have people who would snag that as a recurring private in a second? And I only work three evenings (T, W, Th) per week?

Most importantly, I love my work and my clients again!

In this 90 minute Marketing 101 for Trainers workshop at Real Pilates in Tribeca, we will explore how to set yourself up to attract, expand, and/or maintain your very own high-end client base.

Episode 2 - Expanding and Maintaining Your High End Client Base Wednesday, May 28, 3:00 – 4:30pm $45 What do you as a trainer need to know about attracting great clients? In this workshop Lynda will share her secrets that keep her steadily busy in a city full of trainers who cost a lot less. Learn which skills are crucial, how to do more with less, and be adaptable while maintaining strong personal integrity.

Real Pilates, 177 Duane Street, New York, NY 10013, (212) 625-0777

If this is your first time visiting Real Pilates, use code LLGIFT at checkout, and you will receive a lovely welcome gift when you check in!

Sign up for Marketing 101 for Trainers Part 2 - Expanding and Maintaining Your High-End Client Base.

Winter Snow in NYC


Winter snow in NYC turns the city into a beautiful wonderland!

Most people don't think of a big city as winter snow wonderland, but I beg to differ. We live in lower Manhattan, just southeast of City Hall Park. Every day I have the option of walking by the East River, the Hudson River, and through City Hall Park, each of which remind me of places outside of the city.

Further up, of course, is the beautiful Central Park, but that is pretty far from us and not a place we can visit every day. Our dog, Smiley, loves to be near the water (she is from Turks and Caicos, after all), so this location is perfect for all of us.

When the snow started Thursday night, I was teaching at Real Pilates. It was heavy snow when I left around 8:15pm to walk home. The park was open and all the lights were on at City Hall, since Mayor De Blasio had just been sworn in the day before. Here are a couple of photos:



On Friday morning, my first Pilates client started at 7am (all my clients live downtown, so I saw five in a row yesterday morning), so I walked over to Tribeca around 6:30am. City Hall Park was closed (the city schools and government were closed), so I walked around the quiet park. So few people were out and the snow was still clean, white, and fluffy. This is the park at Hudson and Chambers:


Just lovely! I love the city in the quiet of early morning, and yesterday the snow was perfect.

How was your snow day?

Happy New Year 2014


Happy New Year 2014!

I am so thrilled to be saying goodbye to 2013. Seriously, this was not an easy year for me. However, it was a useful year with many endings that leads me into this new year with many open doors and possibilities.

2013 Recap:

  • My private Pilates teaching schedule in Tribeca doubled over the year, to the point where now I have waiting list for recurring appointments. -A great thing!
  • This website was upgraded by Google to a page rank of 3. -Another great thing!
  • Our 11 year old dog Smiley was finally diagnosed with Cushing's syndrome (adrenal glands produce too much cortisol), and now that she has been on Vetoryl for a year she is much healthier! -A great thing.
  • My dear mother, Millie Lippin, who had been institutionalized with severe dementia for over 15 years, passed away at 82 years in hospice care on September 9. -Sad.
  • My father, Joseph Lippin's, health steadily declined throughout 2013, leading to his death at age 87 in hospice care on October 15. -Very sad.
  • I crushed my left big toe in July, leading to 4 months in CAM walker surgical boot and 3 months of twice daily bone stimulator treatment. -Oy!

Looking forward to 2014. This year we plan to research where to move next. I would prefer to live somewhere warm again for a bit, and somewhere with great single payer health care. And I am starting this year with a bang - I have joined BlogHer's NaBloPoMo for January as well as the Ultimate Blog Challenge for January. The NaBloPoMo theme is Pressure, which is perfect for me, as I do work well under pressure. So look for daily (gulp) posts from me this month - starting today!

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Pilates Testimonial: Suzanne Dvells


My latest Pilates testimonial from designer, writer, and activist Suzanne Dvells, @zoozan on Twitter.

Pilates Break

"How can an hour-long training session feel better than a massage? Beyond her status as a Master Pilates instructor Lynda Lippin possesses deep expertise in a wide range of fitness techniques.

She cunningly wields a light-handed, wry teaching style that is equally demanding and distracting. Somehow she manages to put her finger on the point of concern, bringing results with amazing consistency.

After just one ten session series with Lynda, I now commanded basic Pilates techniques that eluded me for years in the hands of other trainers. At the conclusion of a second series, distinct changes in my posture were evident. After a third series, I boast a new body.

Thanks to her many gifts, I walk away from sessions with a fresh point of reference for a healthier mind, body, and lifestyle."

Would you like easier movement, better posture, and a new body? I have just a few spots left open for Pilates privates or duets, some weekday late mornings (9:30a-11:30) and afternoons (2p-4p) at Real Pilates in Tribeca. $125, with package rates available.

Want a Pilates group class with me instead? You can try a SpringTone® class on Mondays 11-11:45am or a Beginner Mat and Tower class on Wednesdays 3-3:45pm. $30, with package rates available.

Contact the studio to schedule - email or call (212) 625-0777.

Hope to see you in the Pilates studio soon!

Dear Whole Foods Tribeca...


My Whole Foods Tribeca - Niman Ranch Ham Saga...

Dear Whole Foods Tribeca,

Hubby and I have been shopping in your store at least 3-5 times a week for over a year (since I moved to Manhattan). You are conveniently located to our home and my work, carry a wide variety of items that we like to eat and use, and are generally easy to navigate and deal with.

Last year we tried the sliced uncured Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Ham from your deli counter, and it was so wonderful that we were willing to pay your outrageous deli price of $14.99 per pound (the same ham was $12.99 per pound at Columbus Circle, but I digress).

We were not happy when, after being confronted about the $2.00 per pound price differential between stores, your deli manager told us, "different stores charge different prices, even in similar neighborhoods." And we were really unhappy when you replaced it with a different product that we didn't feel was as good, and your deli manager told us, "Whole Foods Deli isn't carrying Niman Ranch anymore," even though the meat department had Niman Ranch in spades. But when you finally brought that ham back to the deli at $16.99 per pound, that just about broke us.

Of course, the meat department in your store carries the same, albeit unsliced, Niman Ranch Applewood Smoked Petite Ham for only $7.99-8.99 per pound (not sure why, but there are always two prices represented in the petite hams). And in our experience, a store's deli counter will slice any meat that you buy in the store as a courtesy, since the store is making money on the sale. In fact, I asked the meat manager at one point whether we could get the petite ham sliced in the store's deli department, and he said, "yes."

Not at Whole Foods Tribeca!

When I tried to have the deli slice the $7.99 per pound ham that we picked up in the meat department, the deli manager replied, "I won't slice that because I sell the same product for over twice as much money. If I slice it you will have to pay $16.99 per pound!" He sent me to the meat counter, but they have no slicer.

When I complained to another store manager, she explained, "there is no way the deli would slice a ham from the meat department, because they are in direct competition. Every department in the store competes with the others for profits, and unfortunately there are a few items that we sell in multiple departments. Of course, there shouldn't be that much of a price differential." And when I told her about the price differential between stores (see beginning), she informed me that, "all stores in a metropolitan area should have the same prices."

But in the end everybody lost. We left angry and without ham. Whole Foods Tribeca lost the sale totally, which means that neither the meat nor the deli department made any money on that sale. And we are questioning whether to continue shopping at a store which is more interested in departmental profits and interdepartmental squabbles than customer satisfaction.

While convenient, Whole Foods is far from being the only large natural foods store in the Tribeca/FIDI area. Even Key Food's new 55 Fulton Market sells a lot of the same items.

What do you think? Are we up in arms over nothing? Or is a year of crazy ham lies from Whole Foods Tribeca managers really just too much to bear?