Shooting Is Cathartic


Shooting Is Cathartic and Fun - Who Knew?

A little while ago I received a message from the folks at via the contact page on this very blog, offering me $25 towards any booking off their site. Vimbly is a New York City activity booking website, where you can find discounts on interesting classes, workshops, and other city events.

I chose an uncharacteristic activity, a rifle shooting lesson, including a gun safety class, 90 minutes of range time, and 50 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition. The two hour event at the venerable Westside Rifle Range in Chelsea, was $65 ($40 with my discount) and required a criminal records background check.

Note that I have never shot a gun, not even a fake gun, or a BB gun, in my life. Plus, I tend to be anti-gun by default. But since being back in the US I feel like knowing how to use a gun and shoot one well are skills that I should have. And now that I have them, I do feel better. More equipped, shall we say? sent me the links to the background check, called the range to confirm my appointment, and sent me a reminder email the day before class. There were only four people in my class, and after a good introduction to the rifle we learned how to fill a magazine, filled our ten magazines with five rounds per, put on our ear protection, and started shooting.

I shot about 20 rounds at 25 feet:


20 at 35 feet:


and 60 rounds at 50 feet (the longest distance possible at this indoor range):


Yes, I was having so much fun that I bought an extra 50 rounds of ammo.

My core strength, breath control, and focus from Pilates really helped my shooting, and I enjoyed the whole experience much more than I expected. It helped that I was good at shooting - note how close most of my shots are to center mass, even at 50 feet and with very used guns with imperfect sights.

And shooting a gun is, indeed, cathartic. It requires such concentration, control, and exactitude to put the bullet where you want it to go, and when you combine that with the knowledge of the power of that shot.... Let's just say, it's a good time in a controlled environment ;).

I had so much fun with the rifle range experience, that I would use Vimbly again for several other New York activities that I want to try.

  • Archery
  • Fencing
  • Comedy Improv
  • Chess

Now I feel confident in my ability to join and add value to the Zombie Killing Stoners after any Zompoc! As my former Israeli military friend Emily said, "If that was the enemy, you definitely killed him!" And seriously, the Zombie Killing Stoners is a great read!