Why I Am Still A Feminist #WomensLives


Yes, I am still a feminist! Why? Because I believe that #WomensLives matter!

Back in the 80s and early 90s, I taught Philosophy and Women's Studies. Yup, that's right, Women's Studies. Feminist Theory. Radical Feminism.

And even then I had students in my Women's Studies classes, both male and female, who distanced themselves from even the word feminism.

"Feminism is over. We just don't need that anymore!"

My personal favorite response was from a woman at Villanova who was fast-tracking herself into the world of finance.

"I will soon be making millions, so feminism is not relevant to me."

Even 25 years ago the greatest wage disparity between men and women was in higher income jobs. And that is still true. Men and women who work at McDonald's are probably earning the same amount. Men and women on Wall Street, at major law firms, and in Hollywood are NOT making close to the same amount of money for the same work.

So when my friends at Blog Her asked me to join the PRI (Public Radio International) #WomensLives campaign, I couldn't say no.


Because 30 years later we are still discussing the same exact issues. Witness PRI's article on the recent Hollywood wage disparity scandal, which led to Charlize Theron renegotiating a contract to get paid the same as her male co-star.

It took the Sony email hack to uncover that of the two co-Presidents of Columbia Pictures, the woman (Hannah Minghella) is making 35% less than the man (Michael De Luca). Yes, that's right - 35% less for no apparent reason.

We also saw 7% royalties to women actors like Jennifer Lawrence vs. 9% to men (which can be a huge difference when you are looking at millions, and sometimes billions, of dollars).


The fact that we are still discussing whether the government should regulate women's reproductive systems, whether wage disparity exists, and whether family leave and child care are good things shows that we need Feminism now more than ever!

Women matter! Women's lives matter!

And that is why I am still a Feminist.