TCM Bone Knitting Pills


On My Experience With Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Bone Knitting Pills...

When I heard that my bone pieces in my crushed left big toe weren't healing and knitting as they should, I asked my acupuncturist for a TCM herbal preparation to assist bone knitting. He recommended the Zheng Gu Tui Na line of products, developed specifically for sports medicine injuries.

I dutifully trucked over to Kamwo Pharmacy in Chinatown to pick up three weeks worth of Bone Kinitting Pills - Late Stage.

The Ingredients:

Bone Knitting Herbs

Now, the recommended dose is two pills per day taken with warm water. They are supposed to be chewable, but my one attempt to chew resulted in my almost upchucking the entire thing. I decided instead to break them into little pellets and swallow like pills, which turned two pills into about sixteen.

The pills are like egg yolks!

Pills are huge!

I will find out next Friday how my toe is doing. Please send reiki, good thoughts, and lots of healing! Thanks!