Tone Up with the Lisa Snowdon Supermodel Workout


Tone Up and Lose Weight with the Lisa Snowdon Supermodel Workout

One of the best experiences I had while working at Parrot Cay was putting together goal-oriented fitness programs for different guests. I would work together with the kitchen, the spa, and the butlers to ensure that the person achieved his or her goals. This sometimes meant taking snacks and alcohol out of mini-bars and making sure guests were up in time for early morning workouts.

That said, one of my favorite guests was model, actress, and radio host Lisa Snowdon. She came to the Cay for one week, with her stated goals being to try some Pilates, improve her exercise form to eliminate back pain, tone up, and lose a few pounds. Lisa left five pounds lighter and four inches smaller with no back pain! She says,

I was trying lots of different meditation and yoga classes, lots of gorgeous treatments in the spa and more tough private classes with Lynda. I was in total heaven feeling fitter, healthier, sleeping really well and enjoying being super-rested. Incorporating at least two hours of exercise a day plus eating well and cutting out sugary snacks and desserts definitely had a positive effect on body and mind.

I nervously approached my last day of training before my final weigh-in with Lynda. I did an hour and a half TRX, kettle-bell training and squats and lunges. I'd grown really fond of Lynda: her energy was fantastic and her style of training was one I really liked. I had explained to her that before training with her my lower back had been playing up – it was stiff and sore – but after training for the week it was fine.

I relaxed a little before popping to the spa for another epic deep-tissue massage and later at the end of the day I had another yoga class. I'd been really disciplined with my diet and I had certainly done more exercise each day than I usually did.

I felt I could see the results but I wasn't sure if my weight or measurements would reflect that. But they did. I had lost weight – a total of 5lb and also 4in overall from different parts of my body. Good results! Both Lynda and I were very happy. I celebrated with breakfast at the Terrace and had papaya with lime and berries and an omelette with vegetables.

Here is a quick and dirty video that shows you some of the exercises I did with Lisa Snowdon over that week.


The exercises:

  1. Pelvic Tilt
  2. Bridging, add knee fold, and one leg pulse
  3. Single leg stretch
  4. Criss cross
  5. Side Hydrant
  6. Side Double Leg Lift
  7. Short Lever Side Plank and Star
  8. Repeat other side
  9. Plank, add mountain climber, then oblique crunch