What Is Real Pilates?

I often feel like I have strayed very far afield from teaching "Classical" Pilates. I rarely teach the traditional order of the exercises (although I do always follow it loosely as it makes sense and I know it in my bones), I incorporate other modalities such as traditional bodyweight exercises like push ups, planks, squats, and lunges along with kettlebells and TRX®. However, when I see some of what is out on the market as Pilates I realize that I haven't strayed far from the traditional path at all! In an age where you can be certified to teach Pilates on line and without ever seeing a real client or pilates studio, there is a lot of laughably bad Pilates around. Unlike accredited online universities, which offer the same curriculum as you would find on a college campus, remote Pilates education is NOT ideal. Teachers need to apprentice, have mentors, and really learn the work and how to apply it safely.

I do teach Real Pilates (at Real Pilates :))!