Whole Foods Tribeca Success!


Whole Foods Tribeca Success - New Meat Department Slicer

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Last week I wrote about my year-long Whole Foods Tribeca - Niman Ranch ham ordeal. I will not rehash the entire event here, as you can click the link and read the whole story.

I posted the article, shared with Niman Ranch and Whole Foods Tribeca, and within 12 hours received a voice mail from the Whole Foods manager letting me know that the store is getting a new slicer for the meat department, so customers who want to buy a whole 2# chunk of Applewood smoked ham can have that less expensive meat sliced in store at the meat department.

While it does seem excessive to me to spend a few thousand dollars on a new slicer when the deli department is fully equipped and could help out, at least they are satisfying the customer (me). This does beg the question, however, about corporate culture. I am not so comfortable with a corporate culture that encourages such crazy competition between separate in-store departments, almost as if they were separate purveyors in a farmers market. It is also interesting that each Whole Foods store has the leeway to choose how to run itself. Union Square, for example, seems to run on more of a traditional "departments working together for store profit" basis, which is why their deli was more than happy to help us out and slice the ham from the meat department.

That said, this is a great example of how customers and businesses can effectively use social media outlets to address customer service and satisfaction issues in a public forum where all can be heard. I also managed to connect Niman Ranch with Key Food on Twitter, in the hopes that 55 Fulton Market will carry the Niman Ranch meats, which would be most convenient!