Yeast Infections and Exercise


Many women get more yeast infections when they start exercising. How to avoid yeast infections and treat them if you get one.

I have always been prone to yeast infections, even as a little girl. And my doctors always treated me with Monistat. First the 7 day treatment, then the 5 day, and finally the 3 day.

Now, of course, there is a ONE day treatment, and it is available over the counter at any pharmacy.

Avoidance is, of course, preferable. When I lived in the Caribbean as a fitness and pilates teacher, avoidance became quite important. I quickly learned the importance of always wearing cotton underwear, washing laundry always with a cup of white vinegar to kill yeast and mildew (if your clothing ever gets the mildew smell, white vinegar in the wash is the only thing that works).

Here are some more good tips from Monistat:

1.       Choose cotton underwear for workouts: It’s breathable, absorbent, and flexible — pulling moisture away from the skin and allowing some air flow. Moisture build up can lead to irritation, yeast infections, or bacterial infections and as you might guess, the more sweat the more moisture. If you are planning a heavy sweat session, make sure you are wearing breathable underwear and even plan to change pairs halfway through if possible.

2.       Make Sure It’s the Right Size: Wearing underwear that’s too tight can cause skin irritation by rubbing and pinching. Tight clothing in general can also limit breathability and increase the risk for yeast infections.

3.       Shower ASAP: When you finish up your workout, hit the shower as soon as you can. No sprays or wipes do the same job as a quick rinse in the shower. If you’re in a rush or planning to do more active things after your workout, like mowing your lawn or cleaning the house, try to at least change into a fresh pair until you can shower.

4.       Treat it Quickly: If you do end up with a dreaded yeast infection, don’t delay treating it with an over the counter suppository like Monistat which can cure a yeast infection without a prescription. There is nothing worse than trying hit the gym while dealing with serious discomfort that accompanies a yeast infection.

If you are interested in an all natural approach, check out Love Wellness, which offers all natural, boric acid-based yeast infection treatments that work!