My Online Pilates Business


I Am Growing My Online Pilates Business in 2017

I do quite a bit in the online space. For years I have sold Pilates audio downloads, my Pilates for Back Pain eCourse, my 6-Week Programs, and Skype/Facetime Sessions.

But this has always been my side business, secondary to in-studio training.

This year I am committed to taking my online Pilates business to new heights, and ultimately replacing ALL of my studio income online.

That's right, I said ALL of my income!

This will allow us to travel and live wherever we want. It will allow us the financial and physical freedom to leave the US once and for all.

I can reach so many more people this way, spreading the love of spine-safe, good for you Pilates exercise.

To reach this goal, I have enrolled in my friend Amanda Tress' Online Business Accelerator Workshop, which starts next Monday! 6 weeks of immersion, systems creation, and business growing in a supportive group.

I cannot wait to get started!

Neutral Spine Is A Myth


Neutral Spine Is Not A Thing! Neutral Pelvis Is.

I am not sure when I started hearing the phrase "neutral spine" popping up from clients and other Pilates pros, but it has been quite awhile. For whatever reason, I am hearing it a lot lately.

But when I ask people to define the phrase, they cannot. I have been told that neutral spine is the spine's natural curve, but we know that looks different between individuals. My client with severe scoliosis certainly has a different neutral than I do. Her neutral is not necessarily one that works for me, and vice versa!

Most fitness and pilates professionals conflate Neutral Spine with Neutral Pelvis, much to the detriment of themselves and their clients.

Neutral Pelvis Is A Thing

I have been teaching exercise for over 27 years, and in that time the most useful concept I learned was Neutral Pelvis. Seriously!

So what is a Neutral Pelvis? Neutral Pelvis is defined as when the hip bones or ASIS (anterior superior iliac spines) are in line with the pubic bones or PS (pubis symphysis). They are in the same horizontal plane.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt is then defined from neutral.

A Posterior Pelvic Tilt is when the hip bones are behind the pubic bones, which will flatten out the lower back and push the ribs back, make the upper back rounder. This is also known as a Tuck.

An Anterior Pelvic Tilt is when the hip bones are in front of the pubic bones, which will arch the lower back and thrust the ribs forward, making the upper back flatter. This is called an arch.

neutral spine myth
neutral spine myth

The pelvis can also rotate a bit, with one hip bone being more forward than the other, and shift laterally, with one hip bone being closer to the ribcage than the other.

Pelvic Stability = Healthier Movement

When the pelvis is stable in a neutral position, the spine will be in as close to a "Neutral" position as possible. But this will look and feel different on everybody. The hallmarks or bony landmarks, however, will stay the same. It is easiest to feel them when our lying down supine, on your back with knees bent and feet on the mat.

neutral spine neutral pelvis
neutral spine neutral pelvis

When the hip bones and pubic bones are in alignment, you will feel your sacrum and tail very heavy, with even weight on both sides of your sacrum (the large, triangular bone at the bottom of your spine). Your lower back will probably not be on the ground, and that is OK! Your ribs will be on the mat, with more connection at the upper ribs and shoulder blades. Your neck will not be down, but your skull will be.

The degree to which parts of your spine are on the mat or not depends on your structure and your muscle tension. Once my clients find neutral pelvis, I then cue them to have a long spine, with the trajectory of their spines always being "forward and up" from the sacrum to the skull, no matter what their relationship to the ground (gravity). This allows for maximum length and minimum compression, which will ultimately allow for healthier flexion, hyperextension, rotation, and side bending (yes, I am looking at you, golfers and tennis players).

And when you move your pelvis and spine, you will be able to do it with intention for a specific movement or reason, but you won't have to live there!

Plus, being able to stabilize the spine in this pelvic position and hold it allows for healthier weight training, including hip lifts, squats, planks, and most upper body exercises. Neutral pelvis and long, lifted spine leads to healthier movement, period!

How To Find Neutral Pelvis

Here is a video I did a few years ago on Neutral Pelvis - let me know if it helps you!

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Happy New Year, my friends!

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This year I started with a gratitude practice, to set my energy and intentions for 2017. I intend this to be a year of sharing and abundance, reaching more people outside of my NYC home and spreading the Pilates and Reiki love!

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Pelvic Stability, Pilates, and Back Pain

Pelvic stability
Pelvic stability

I have a lot of new-to-me Pilates clients at the moment, most of whom came to me because they were doing Pilates and loving it, but still had bad lower back pain.

Since most folks come to Pilates to try to get rid of lower back pain, this is a big problem.

Pelvic Stability and Back Pain

The biggest issue I have seen in these new clients, as well as most of my clients over the past few decades, is lack of pelvic stability.

Basically, you can exercise all you want, but if your pelvis isn't stable, there is a good chance you will hurt your back.


The pelvis is literally the kingpin of the body. If the pelvis is stable when it needs to be, moving only when it needs to move, everything else works better.

What Is Pelvic Stability?

A neutral pelvis is a defined thing.

Your pelvis is neutral when the hip bones and pubic bones are all in the same horizontal plane.

If the hip bones are behind, or lower than, the pubic bones, you are in a pelvic tuck or posterior tilt. Your pelvis is tilted backwards, causing your lower back to flatten and your upper back to round more. This is useful for some exercises, but not as a place to live.

If the hip bones are in front of, or higher than, the pubic bones, you are in an anterior pelvic tilt. Your pelvis is tilted forward, causing your lower back to arch forward and your upper back to flatten. Again, this is useful for some exercises, but not as a place to live.

Once you find neutral, it is easier to know when you are moving out of it.

Why Does Your Back Hurt?

Since moving your pelvis moves your entire spine, lack of stability leads to a lot of unnecessary and unsupported spine movement. Unsupported spine movement leads to back pain.

Unsupported spine movement with added resistance or weight leads not only to back pain, but the possibility of true injury, like a herniated disc.

Unsupported spine movement with added resistance also leads to spinal and joint compression, where the space between the bones is lessened and things are pushed together. Again, this will lead to injury, like a "pinched nerve" or "pinched disc," causing more back pain.

Resources for Back Pain

1. Free Pilates Videos

2. Pilates for Lower Back Pain Audio

3. Pilates for Back Pain eCourse

4. Online Pilates Sessions

5. Mastering the Mat mentorship for Pilates teachers

Pilates Fundamentals for Back Pain

Here are a few tried and true Pilates fundamentals to help with back pain.

Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop


Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop for Teachers - Sunday, July 10, 2016 1-4pm at Real Pilates Soho

Training clients with hernia and diastasis recti requires a small shift in thinking and approach for many Pilates teachers. It is crucial at the beginning that these clients avoid increases in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), yet almost all beginning Pilates exercises involve working with just that.
This is a really fun and useful workshop!

Register for Pilates for Hernia and Diastasis Recti Workshop – July 10, 2016

From the Last Workshop

[testimonial_view id=6]

What is a Hernia?

According to the NIH,

A hernia is a sac formed by the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneum). The sac comes through a hole or weak area in the strong layer of the belly wall that surrounds the muscle. This layer is called the fascia.

Basically, a hernia is an area where the intestines start to protrude through a weak area in the abdominal wall. Hernias are named for location (inguinal – groin, umbilical – belly button, hiatal – upper abdomen, femoral – upper thigh).

Hernias are caused by straining while abdominal pressure is increased – it can happen on the toilet, opening a window, or even lifting weights and/or doing abdominal exercises incorrectly.

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis Recti as defined by the NIH:

Diastasis recti is a separation between the left and right side of the rectus abdominis muscle, which covers the front surface of the belly area.

Most diastasis recti is seen in pregnant women, where the muscle separates as the woman’s belly expands, but I have also seen it in men, and is also present in some infants.

Pilates Can Help IF It Is Taught Correctly

Luckily, it is easy to modify exercises and cue your clients to work in a way that helps.
In this workshop, I will share the successful modifications and techniques that have made me lower Manhattan’s most sought out classical Pilates specialist for people with diastasis recti and hernia. This 3 hour workshop includes anatomy, lecture, and practice on mat and apparatus.
You will leave with many, many tools to help your clients literally pull themselves together!
*You must be a Comprehensively trained Pilates instructor to register for this workshop.
Cost: $150 without PMA CECs / $180 with 3 PMA

Healthy July Summer Fun Giveaway


Healthy July Summer Fun Giveaway

I can't believe it is already July and we are in the second half of 2016. Luckily summer is just getting underway here in the northeast US, and I have a fabulous giveaway to help make your healthy July even more fabulous and healthy!

You may have recently read my article on the health benefits of Panax Ginseng and thought that you might want to try it for energy, increased performance, and possible lower blood pressure and cholesterol. panax ginseng giveawayAnd you may have heard about the new Wraps headphones, that offer great sound and a convenient bracelet carrying option.

2016-06-10 08.15.52Now through midnight 7/13/2016 you can enter to win both for your healthy July! Panax ginseng for some energy and Wraps headphones for some music to use it! Both of these products are awesome.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Food, Glorious Protein-Packed Food!


Food, Glorious Protein-Packed Food!

Food is one the best things I get the privilege of reviewing. Seriously, nothing makes me happier than waking up to an email from a local food purveyor's PR company.

"Lynda, we would love for you to try X. X is made and sourced locally, has won awards, and is a growing brand. We would love to send you some samples for review."

Now, I don't always say Yes.

I say no, in general, to most juices, protein powders, workout supplements disguised as food, and bars. They tend to be rehashes of one another.

I say Yes to locally crafted foods, and to random things that interest me.

This week, I bring you three Yesses - charcuterie from NYC's Les Trois Petits Cochons, Greek-style yogurt from Southampton's Nounos Creamery, and protein snack chips from Ips Snacks.

Les Trois Petits Cochons

Hubby used to be a classically trained chef, and in our house we eat a lot of charcuterie. Smoked duck breast on salad, a nice paté on good bread (I save my gluten for these moments), a good sausage with mustard and cornichons. Yum!

Les Trois Petits Cochons sent us four items in a cold box - Paté forestier, Saucisson sec aux herbes de provence, Smoked duck breast, and Terrine des Trois Rois.

2016-06-17 14.44.23
2016-06-17 14.44.23

The folks at The Three Little Pigs make some of the best charcuterie we have ever had.

We had the paté, sausage, and terrine on a tray with sliced bread, course mustard, and cornichons. They were all perfectly rendered, with great textures and flavors. So good! And the smoked duck breast? It was simply wonderful.

Seriously, their smoked duck breast is perfect - not overpoweringly salty and not dry. And the breast even included the tender! We had it on a salad of romaine, good tomatoes, mini cucumbers, and hearts of palm with a light ginger soy dressing. Fab!

Nounos Creamery

On Friday, Nounos Creamery dropped off a mixed case of their decadent and wonderful Greek-style yogurt. I received 12 jars of the best Nounos flavors - Apple Pie á la Mode, Fig and Orange, Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Bean....

2016-06-24 18.13.31
2016-06-24 18.13.31

Nounos yogurt is just so good. Thick and creamy, intensely flavored without a lot of sugar, and satisfying. It is my favorite yogurt!

Ips Chips

I don't know about you, but I sometimes crave salty, crispy chips. Potato chips are yummy but deep fried, and the baked versions are not as satisfying. I also love pretzels, and while Snyders does a decent gluten-free pretzel, they are just pure carbs and salt.

Ips Chips are different. These are a corn-based chip with added whey protein. I received Sea Salt & Black Pepper Chips, Barbecue Chips, and Cheddar Cheese Chips.


The flavor and texture are great, even with significant protein! Even hubby, who loves junky snack food, loved these.

The only thing I noticed after eating them for a few days was that I started to notice the chalky texture of the protein. In normal life, I probably wouldn't try all the flavors so quickly, so I doubt that would be a regular issue.